How A Cottage Holiday Will Deepen Your Friendships

We all love our friends and would never miss an opportunity to create a lifetime of memories with them. However, sticking to plans and meeting up frequently can become challenging as life picks up pace. So, going on a holiday at least once a year is a must-have tradition. 

However, with the logistics involved and clashing schedules, going on a relaxing holiday is easier said than done. But, staying at luxury holiday cottages in the Cotswolds is a win-win situation as they offer unmatched luxury while also being close to restaurants, bars and shopping areas. In other words, they are a home away from home. 

Here are some ways spending a holiday at a cottage will strengthen your friendships:

  1. Spend more time without worrying about going home

When you stay in a cottage, you can throw out of the window any worries of returning home at a certain hour. This will allow you to spend quality time with your friends at your leisure. 

You can catch up with life events, indulge in cook-off challenges, or watch your favourite movies together. The best thing is that these properties are ideal for hosting friend groups of any size, ensuring you are not missing out on anyone. 

  1. Explore the local specialities 

As cottage homes are usually located in a secluded area close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can indulge in many unique experiences. Be it trying the nearby bars, having afternoon tea, eating local delicacies at the restaurant or shopping from nearby stores, you’ll find moments worth cherishing. Eating out requires no meal preparation, eventually reducing stress and letting you enjoy each other’s company. 

  1. Soaking up the goodness of companionship 

Most cottage homes have a plethora of amenities designed to offer comfort, helping you unplug and soak in the goodness of your surroundings. From outdoor hot tubs and pools to dining set-ups, there’s a lot these properties can offer. Additionally, hanging out with your friends can significantly lower stress levels and anxiety. It promotes a feeling of happiness, improves self-esteem and enhances the mood. Moreover, having a robust social life promotes a sense of belonging, security and safety. 

  1. Have time for endless conversations 

Lack of communication is often regarded as a strong reason why friendships end. When you book a holiday at a cottage, you opt for a serene environment that encourages spending time together instead of scrolling on the phone. The picturesque countryside views further calm the mind and alleviate the mood. Due to this, you are more likely to spark meaningful conversations with your friends, eventually creating a space where everyone feels comfortable talking about things that affect them, their life plans, and more. 

  1. It allows you to experiment 

In most self-catering cottages, you have the freedom (and privacy) to try out things you have always wanted to but never had the means to. These can range from trying cuisines from different parts of the world, spending maximum time outdoors in nature, having book club moments or opting to trek nearby areas of interest. The convenience of coming back to a cosy place gives you the freedom to exhaust yourself, knowing that you will have the best sleep of your life once you retire to bed.

Here are some fun activities to try:

  • Karaoke night
  • Have a meal together enjoying the outdoors
  • Play a board game
  • Writing a letter to your future self 
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Play charades
  • Having a dance party
  • Make a video together
  • Watch a reality show

Holidaying Together To Strengthen Your Bond

The key to having long-lasting friendships lies in constantly putting effort and keeping conversations going. A holiday is a great way to take a break from the chaos of life and spend time with your loved ones. Holiday cottages offer the privacy, amenities and creative freedom to experiment while simultaneously rejuvenating yourself.