Staffordshire’s Best Pubs

In the heart of the midlands, Staffordshire has diverse scenery, towns and cities. The accent changes if you drive about ten minutes up the road (Stafford to Cannock being a prime example), and of course, there are many things to see and do. From forests, parks, shopping and museums, I have a lot of love for my country.

As you know, though, I cover food and drink for Heart Home, so as the title suggests today, I will focus on Staffordshire’s best pubs. The beautiful thing about staff, as I mentioned previously, is the fact there are so many options when it comes to locations. You can have a pint in a village, the city or way out in the sticks; there is something out there that is bound to tickle everyone’s fancy. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Brew House and Kitchen, 1 Bird Street Litchfield – WS13 6PW 

Brewhouse & Kitchen is a perfect destination for those seeking a fantastic dining experience and the enjoyment of freshly brewed, locally crafted, and award-winning craft beers in Lichfield. This spot has some of the best rates in the county, so if that’s not a glowing endorsement, I don’t know what it is. 

Punters can partake in lunch, dinner, or a buffet or savour what is proclaimed as the best Sunday roast in Lichfield, ideally complemented by a Proper Pint ( I can personally attest that it is a proper pint).

The atmosphere at B&K Lichfield is incredible, and for a pub, they have a lot going on. Various activities occur during the week, including Happy Hour and engaging weekly masterclasses covering brewing, beer, whisky, gin, and more. Only a few places can say they offer a whiskey masterclass!

Whether patrons are stopping by for a coffee, grabbing a quick lunch, enjoying an after-work drink, commemorating a friend’s birthday, or arranging a function or event, the establishment is eager to extend a warm welcome. They also have free Wi-Fi, so some people work out of the pub. I’ve seen this, and I’m not supposed as it’s a comfortable spot. Remember to buy some drinks and food, though; no one likes a freeloader.

For those who haven’t already, subscribing to the newsletter at the bottom of the page keeps guests informed about the latest events at this local brewpub in Lichfield.

They even have some fantastic deals, ideal in a cost of living crisis. We all deserve some time in the pub. Check out the offers below. 

“All B&K brewed beers, selected gins & wines are attractively priced at £3.95 every Sunday – Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm.”

“This Includes all standard strength B&K Brewed Keg/Cask beers; excludes any beers over 6.0%, flights, and takeaway beers; Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.”

The Bank House, High St, Hixon, Stafford – ST18 0QF

This spot out in the village of Hixon is an idyllic setting for a pub. The food here is excellent, with the establishment winning countless awards over the last three years. They are a Trip Advisor top choice and have the honour of being a finalist for the prestigious Enjoy Staffordshire Tourism and Good Food Awards. 

They have a dedication to quality food, as their website clearly states. 

“Our menu is a testament to the belief that greatness lies in simplicity. “Simple food, done well” is more than a mantra – it’s a way of life for us. We take pride in sharing our carefully crafted cuisine with the local community, inviting you to savour the flavours that make The Bank House a cherished dining destination. Due to our limited seating capacity, we highly recommend booking a table in advance to secure your spot and indulge in a memorable dining experience.”

Take that last line about booking a spot seriously; they fill up fast, especially on weekends. They also have a fantastic drinks menu; they pour a good pint and usually have some decent craft and guest ales on tap if you fancy a tipple. 

Roo’s Cocktail Bar & Grill, 1-3 Radford St, Stone – ST15 8DA

Stone is a lovely town, just a stone’s throw away from my home town. Stafford (I am not sorry for what I did), and it has a wide variety of places to eat and drink. Roo’s Cocktail Bar & Grill, however, deserves a special mention. 

It’s a relatively new spot and was formally known as the Blue Rooms. They are an independent pub and offer some incredible cocktails. They even have a cocktail-making masterclass for ten people or more. This is charged at £30 per head, but the class has a lot to offer, and personally, if you can get a group together, it is well worth giving a go. 

Roo’s boasts a fantastic outside area that they call Tiki Street. The bar describes Tiki Street as follows. 

“When it’s nice outside, that’s where you want to be. Our new outside area is perfect for relaxing and soaking up Stone’s sun! The walls are tastefully graffitied with Aztec vibes, and there are many places to sit and chill.”

Roos has all the traditional cocktails one would expect for a place advertising itself as a cocktail bar, but they have a signature drink called the Cuban Zombie. This cocktail isn’t for the faint-hearted as it includes Havana 3, Blackwells Dark Rum, The Kraken Spiced Rum, Passionfruit liqueur, Passionfruit Monin, Pineapple juice, Passionfruit juice, Lime juice, Grenadine, served with a flaming Tiki Fire Passionfruit. Sounds like it would blow your socks off, but I can guarantee it would still be delicious. 

Roo’s also offers a wide selection of food. It’s a simple but elegant menu; they have everything you’d expect from a grill and even a reasonably priced pizza menu that is well worth trying. 

The Weighbridge Inn, 5 Derby St, Burton-on-Trent – DE14 2JJ

This popular micropub, conveniently located next to a railway station, is one of Burton On Trent’s finest. 

This well-frequented micropub is conveniently situated near the railway station and Town Hall, serving as a stopover on the way from the station to Burton Albion’s Pirelli Stadium, so it’s an ideal place to have a few jars on a match day (it approximately 2 km away from the ground so very walkable).

The primary space features a J-shaped wooden bar counter, showcasing a menu of available beers, beverages, and snacks on a blackboard. I love this as it feels very traditional, and they update the offerings frequently, so wherever you pop in, there always seems to be another beer to try.

 They also have a charming smaller room accessible through a doorway at the far end, with both areas adorned with welcoming open fireplaces, which serve as a cosy spot to hang out during those colder winter months.

While the pub lacks parking facilities, a pay-and-display car park is nearby, and complimentary street parking is easily accessible within a short walking distance; that being said, it is not ideal to drive to the pub anyway, so maybe grab a taxi or get a mate to give you a lift.

That brings us to the end of our list of Best Pubs In Staffordshire. All of the spots mentioned are relatively different from each other and offer a lot for different types of people. I hope our readers go out and check out these local wonders and enjoy some great grub and a well-poured pint. So, as usual, give it a go!