Afternoon Tea Party Games For Adults

We’ve compiled a list of fun and engaging afternoon tea party games for adults to keep everyone entertained.

Games are a great way to give your tea party a fun atmosphere. They are especially great for birthday tea parties, engagement tea parties and baby showers. Here are fun afternoon tea party games that are perfect for adults and can be used with any theme.

Card Games

Card games are a fantastic addition to any tea party, providing an opportunity for guests to relax and enjoy some friendly competition. Spades, for example,  is a great game to play during tea, offering a perfect blend of strategy and fun. Gather around the table, deal the cards, and enjoy a few rounds of Spades while sipping on your favorite teas. It’s a great way to encourage conversation and interaction among guests.

1. Tea tasting contest

The blind tea tasting game is an interactive tea party activity.

The tea tasting game is an interactive activity where guests are invited to taste different types of tea without knowing what they are.

To set up the game, gather a variety of teas. You could use black, green, herbal, and fruit tea. Adding unique or uncommon tea blends makes the game more challenging and fun! Once you have the teas, you can brew them and pour them into cups or small pots. You can use covered teapots or opaque cups to ensure guests cannot see the tea colour or leaves. You can also label the cups or pots with numbers or letters so guests can keep track of their guesses.

To play the game, each guest is given a cup or pot of tea to taste. They can smell the tea, take a sip, and try to guess the flavour. After everyone has tasted all the teas, you can reveal the correct answers and award points to the guests who guessed correctly. You can also give prizes to the guests with the most correct guesses. This is also a great way to learn about different tea types and challenge your taste buds.

2. Guess how many game

Guess how many in the jar game.

You probably remember this game from school fates or local fairs. It’s an easy game which everyone can take part in. Find or purchase a pretty jar and have guests guess how many items are in a jar filled with sweets, sugar cubes, or tea bags. The person who thinks closest to the correct number wins the jar of goodies as their prize. It’s super simple, a little nostalgic and fun.

3. Tea tray memory

Tea tray memory.

We love this simple competitive memory game! Prepare a tray or platter with various items varying in size and type. Place one of the items as the coveted prize for a game. Present the tray to your guests and allow them a minute to peruse the items. Then, take the tray away and instruct everyone to jot down as many items as they can remember. The person with the correct answers is declared the winner and takes the prize home.

4. Tea bag toss game

Tea bag toss.

Get some cheap tea bags you can toss around without worrying about them getting damaged. Arrange a few containers on a table or tea cups, and give each one a unique number. Ensure enough space for your guests to stand back and toss the tea bags. Choose one of the containers to be the prize (like a fancy tea cup or mug), and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins!

5. Host a mad hatter hat contest

Host a mad hatter hat contest.

How about hosting a Mad Hatter hat contest? You can encourage your guests to get creative and design their own Mad Hatter-inspired hats! Straight out of Wonderland. You can provide them basic materials like cardboard, ribbons, feathers, and glitter, or they can bring their own materials.

To make this more exciting, you can set some rules or themes for the contest. For example, you can ask your guests to design a hat that represents a favourite book character, a movie character, or a historical figure. You can also set a time limit for the design process to make it more challenging.

Once the hats are ready, you can have a fashion show where each guest models their hat on the runway. You can have a panel of judges who will rate the hats based on creativity, originality, and overall appearance. You can also award prizes for the most elaborate designs, the most elegant designs, or, our favourite, the most hilarious designs.

6. Include a tea leaf reading

Tea leaf reading.

Party entertainment rather than a game; however, we had to include this! Tea leaf reading involves interpreting the patterns and shapes formed by tea leaves in the bottom of a cup, which can be so much fun at a tea party. During the activity, each guest will be given a cup of tea, and after they have finished drinking it, the cup will be turned upside down onto a saucer to allow the leaves to settle. The tea leaf reader will then interpret the patterns and shapes the leaves form, offering insights into the guest’s future.

To incorporate tea leaf reading into your event, you can hire a professional tea leaf reader who can guide your guests through the process and offer insights into their fortunes based on the patterns in their tea leaves. Alternatively, you could invite a guest with experience in tea leaf reading to lead the activity.

Afternoon tea party games for adults can be a fun way to liven up your gathering. With some planning, creativity, and a few household items, a tea party can become a memorable event that everyone will enjoy.