Camden Town’s Best Food Around

Camden Town is renowned for its bustling market, a maze of fashion and unique finds along the Regent’s Canal. Known as a hub of counterculture, the area attracts tourists, teenagers, and punks alike. The vibrant nightlife features live music in alternative clubs and traditional pubs (The Worlds End is my go-to as they play all the loud music I like), with major artists performing at venues like the Jazz Cafe and the Roundhouse. The iconic railway bridge that looms over the marketplace (and the nearby Wetherspoons) is iconic and it’s been the go-to spot for trendsetters (and let us be honest, try-hards) for decades.

What Camden has in abundance though, is top quality nosh. The market has loads of different stalls and I’m always one to pop into the Camden Brewery whenever I visit and to treat myself to a pint or seven. With that in mind now is the time to take a look at the most mouthwatering places to get some dinner by the river.

Mildreds Camden – 9 Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7BW, United Kingdom

We are going to kick things off with a nifty little vegan chain called Mildreds. The first Mildreds restaurant opened on Greek Street in 1988, and now over 35 years later, Mildreds has expanded to locations in Covent Garden, Camden Town, Kings Cross, and Dalston.

In 2021, Mildreds transitioned to a completely plant-based menu. Mildreds ensures that exceptional vegan food is always accessible to everyone as the meals are very reasonably priced for the quality that is on offer. The vision here remains simple, fantastic food and drink, with a seasonal menu available all day and night.

This commitment to quality earned Mildreds the title of London’s favourite vegan restaurant in 2023 which is not a title to be sniffed at, especially as London has so many vegan options available these days. Mildreds prides itself on innovation, driven by an in-house development team led by creative director Sarah Wasserman. They continually introduce new flavours and bold ideas to offer guests cutting-edge vegan cuisine.

Mildreds is also committed to giving back to the community. They support several organisations, including Plan Zheroes, which donates surplus food to local charities and food banks; Streetsmart, an initiative raising funds for the homeless; and Spread a Smile, a charity supporting seriously ill and hospitalised children.

Burger and Beyond Camden Lock – Camden Lock Market, West Yard, London NW1 8AB, United Kingdom

This may be high praise for some but I personally consider Burger & Beyond to be the best burger in the United Kingdom. There are a few places in London that have come close to snatching that coveted crown (I’m not that important) but still for me, these guys are still Britain’s best burger slingers.

They have more locations now on Shoreditch and Soho, but the market stall is where I first fell in love with this concoction of meaty goodness. The double bacon burger here is awe-inspiring if you’re a burger fanatic like myself. Two smash patties are pressed into the flat top grill and cooked until perfection, the bun is also toasted on the same flat iron grill so it picks up all the juices. This is one juicy burger and topped off with bacon it’s the perfect way to enjoy a lovely meal in Camden. I could go on about this spot, but I won’t as it will end up filling the rest of the word count for this article.

SWEET NOW –  6C Paddock Ln, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AF, United Kingdom

I’ve not done a dessert spot in quite some time, and it’s not due to the lack of love of all things sugary and sweet. I have a right sweet tooth at times and Sweet Now is the go-to place in C|amden for anyone looking for some prime-time puddings. Even if you’re full everyone knows all humans have a second stomach just for dessert.

Sweet Tooth has all your usual dessert offerings, from waffle crepes to ice cream sundaes. You can customise your orders here as well and add delicious morsels like sprinkles and M&Ms. If you are hankering for something sweet in Camden this is the spot.

Laz @Camden Restaurant – 41 Parkway, London NW1 7PN, United Kingdom

Turkish food is some of the finest in the land. loads of meat spiced to perfection and served with lots of other wonderful sides and sundries. Great food is abundant on Laz’s menu. They have octopus and calamari, loads of lovely salads and they also have enough options for vegetarians to enjoy as well.

However what Laz pride themselves on, which should come as no surprise is their lamb. The house special is divine. The Marinated lamb is seasoned to perfection, and honestly, it just falls apart in your mouth. It’s like a little personal taste of heaven. Accompanying the star of the show are matchstick potatoes, mixed peppers, pomegranate molasses and strained yoghurt. All these flavour profiles combine to make a truly mouthwatering dish, and I will be coming back here for years to come. I won’t say no to that!

Holy Sheep – Unit 197, 2nd floor, Hawley Wharf, London NW1 8AA, United Kingdom

If you go Nanas for noodles like me then Holy Sheep is going to be a religious experience for all you noodleheads out there. This trendy noodle house advertises ‘Hong Kong’ rice noodles, but those in the know will spot the influences from Yunnan, a southwestern Chinese region where rice noodles are a common treat. Customers can customise their meals by choosing a broth flavour, a main protein, and an array of distinctive toppings like lobster balls, fish tofu, and dried beancurd rolls. The menu also features popular skewers, including savoury grilled chicken and cumin-spiced pork belly slices.

There are a generous amount of options to choose from here but always seem to gravitate towards the Hot and Sour Broth, and believe me when I say it is Hot Hot Hot in that wok. I get an egg with mine as well as an added extra so I hit my protein goals for the day (mainly though I just really like eggs)

The Cheese Bar – Unit 93 – 94, Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8AH, United Kingdom

Cheese lovers rejoice for all your cheesy and gooey needs that are about to be catered for. When a restaurant bases its entire menu concept around cheese I think it’s a good indicator that the experience you are about to have in that particular establishment is going to be a good one. Cheese is a serious business in the United Kingdom, and it’s fair to say I know a fair few people who would leave their loved ones for a wheel of cheese, but there is no need for all of that as The Cheese Bar has you covered. Also sharing is caring.

There is quite literally a conveyor belt of cheese dishes that rotate around the restaurant and happy cheese-loving customers can pick what they want at will. They also have a night called Fondue Thursdays, the name in itself is self-explanatory and it’s an experience well worth partaking in. Of course, with great cheese you need good wine and The Cheese Bar also has this covered. A top spot in Camden … I was going to try and force a camembert/Camdenbert cheese joke in there somewhere but I am glad I didn’t (I just did)

That’s the lot for Camden for now. There are loads of other great options though so feel free to tell us some of your favorite spots.