Thai Restaurants: Stoke on Trent

After reviewing the best spots in Stafford (Click here to check them out), I decided to look at the food scene in Stoke on Trent and see what the city’s Thai restaurants offer us patrons. The food scene in The Potteries is growing each year, with more restaurants and places to have a munch being added year by year, and Thai food, as we know, is one of the nation’s most popular cuisines. So join me, pick up your chopsticks, and take a taste test at some of the best in town.

Thai Siam – 77-81 Haywood St, Leek ST13 5JH

Before we get into the food, it’s worth mentioning that Leek is a beautiful town and worth a visit if you are within the surrounding area (I’ll drop some more knowledge on the city in the future as there are some dope spots to check out). But let’s only take a little attention away from the food here and discover one of the best places to eat in the town.

Firstly, the service here is top-notch; the staff are super friendly and happy to make adjustments to suit diners’ needs regarding spice level and remove certain ingredients (be it for taste or allergy reasons). This is an excellent start to the proceedings!

Now, let’s get to the food. All the dishes here are excellent, but the one that stands out is the Luke Chin Gai Chicken Balls. Golden fried Thai flavour chicken balls are lightly battered, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. These bite-sized wonders taste great and are a visual feast, so all you Instagram folk can stake snap and show off to all your mates.

Like any Thai place, a good appetiser is always needed, and also like any good Thai restaurant, they offer a tasty mixed platter for one; some mouth-watering treats are on offer, such as A delicious selection of a spring roll, satay gai, fish cake, luke chin gai (which is excellent if you want a sample of the dish previously described), tung thong and prawn on toast.

Sawadee Thai Taste – 11 Hill St, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 1NL, United Kingdom

This spot is just round the corner from the Spode Museum, where Josiah Spode, known for his role in the Industrial Revolution, established his pottery business in 1774 (one for the history buffs to check out). What I love most about Sawadee Thai is the food feels like a home-cooked Thai meal; as I mentioned in my other article, I have been lucky enough to live in Thailand and have friends there, so I feel this is one subject close to my heart, where I know what I’m talking about (believe me when I say that not a frequent thing for me so enjoy this rare offering of knowledge).

I also love the decor here; the restaurant is well-presented and, as expected (we are talking about the best spots), and the food is delicious. My go-to munch here is the Pla Neung Ma Naw. I am a seafood fanatic, so this dish speaks to me on many levels. It’s incredible: Steamed sea bass flavoured with lime juice, pickled garlic, chilli and coriander. Simple, elegant, and flavorful. What more could you want from a meal?

Bon Pan Asian Restaurant – Bryan St, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 5BN, United Kingdom#

Last but certainly not least is Bon Pan Asian, located in the heart of Stoke on Trent in Hanley. This pace does a wide range of things and offers a lot of Asian fusion. I tend to stick to the more traditional options, but it’s a nice switch up from the norm, and I appreciate that, as they offer many Asian cuisines, and you are not just limited to Thai food. We are here for Thai food, though, so I will focus on that. They also have locations in Liverpool and Merry Hill.

Again, as expected from the top places, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is comfortable and manageable. Neat and tidy is the best way to describe this place.

Now, onto the food; the ingredients here play a crucial role; for me, the freshness of the dishes is something that stands out. Fresh food is essential to me, so I must give this place their dues. If I were to recommend anything off the menu, I would have to go for the Green Curry. It has all the flavours you would expect, has a good level of heat, and the coconut milk fused with the spices keeps the dish nice and balanced, so it’s not overpowering, and all the flavour manages to shine through.

I hope some of my suggestions have made your mind water. Go out and treat yourself to some fine Thai food this new year. Enjoy!