Stafford’s most Tantalising Thai Restaurants

Thai food has become a staple within the UK, with its aromatic flavours combined with salty and sweet tastes that add to each dish’s flavour profile. From Pad Thai to green curry (and, of course, an array of beautiful appetisers), there’s always a lot to look forward to when tucking into a dish from the land of smiles. Staffordshire is lucky enough to be blessed with a few beautiful places to dine and experience this delightful cuisine, so let’s look at some of the best on a show that our grand county has to offer us West Midlands food fanatics.

The best Thai Restaurants in Stafford and beyond

T.Js Thai Number 5 Restaurant – Stafford

Located just a stone’s throw away from Stafford town centre, T.Js Thai Number 5 Restaurant is a real hidden gem. The authenticity of the dishes here is what struck me first. I lived in Bangkok for the best part of a year and was stunned by how similar the Pad Thai at Number 5 was to the dishes I had there. The Pad Thai was outstanding. First and foremost, the presentation was impeccable. The vibrant colours of the dish were not only visually appealing but also hinted at the diverse range of flavours that awaited me. The noodles were perfectly cooked, maintaining an excellent balance of softness without being mushy.

I’m a massive fan of the Satay Gai here as well. The peanut sauce is incredible; it’s a perfect combination of sweet and savoury and accompanies the chicken perfectly. It was the perfect dipping partner for the tender chicken skewers. The texture of the chicken was spot on – tender and juicy without being overly oily. Price-wise, for the quality of the food, it is excellent value for money, and if you are local to Stafford, they also have a delivery menu that does not disappoint.

Thai Lanna – Stone

Situated in the centre of Stone Town, Thai Lanna is one of the first spots that come to my mind regarding Thai food in Staffordshire (as it was the first one I visited). For me, this place is all about curry dishes. The Thai red curry stands out here. The dish’s presentation is excellent; they bring the curry out in clay pots with a candle lit underneath to keep the dish warm, a functional and fun spectacle. I chose the beef (they have chicken, pork and a vegetarian option), which was cooked to perfection, soaking up the flavours of the curry and contributing to the overall richness of the dish.

One of the standout features was the customisable level of spiciness. Whether you’re a spice enthusiast or prefer a milder experience, they let you tailor the heat to your liking. I like mine quite hot, and the dish’s flavours still carry and aren’t drowned out by the heat. The key here is quality ingredients, and the freshness of the food must be noticed.

They also have an excellent platter aptly named The Thai Lanna platter. It’s a selection of appetisers, my favourite being the Po Pea Moo Tod, a deep-fried pork spring roll with transparent noodles wrapped in a crispy light pastry and served with a sweet chilli sauce. If you like chicken, the Peek Gai Roul Dang is a new twist on a classic Thai-style fried chicken wings in red wine sauce. 

The service here is also a bonus; the staff is amiable, accommodating, and happy to assist with menu choices. They are flexible when it comes to making changes to dishes. Thai Lanna is a great dining experience from start to finish.

Art of Siam – Newcastle Under Lyme

This spot was relaunched under new management in 2018 and, since then, has gone on from strength to strength. I’ve always felt Newcastle is an underrated place for food in the midlands, and this restaurant is one of the reasons I hold that opinion. They offer a lunchtime menu where you can get a main dish and a side dish for £11.95, which is a bargain, especially considering the quality of the food on offer.

They also do a great platter here, but the star of the show is the Pho Tak, a spicy mixed seafood soup with lemon-grass stock and a fragrance of basil leaves, balanced with fish sauce and lime juice. This dish is very spicy, but that’s part of its charm; the seafood is also fresh, a bonus as, surprisingly, you don’t get that everywhere.

If you enjoy Thai food, I hope these suggestions serve you well (terrible pun intended), as they have served me. Enjoy.

By Carl Bulzacchelli