Action-Packed Stag & Hen Party Ideas with Madrenaline Activities

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So you’re the best man or head bridesmaid, and you’ve got a party to arrange. It’s got to be a memorable one. And you’ve decided it’s going to be action packed. But what activity is going to provide the most fun and the best memories? That’s where providers like Madrenaline Activities can help.

Based in Rushton Spencer in Heaton, the company has dedicated itself to adventure experiences since it started operating in 2005. Whether you choose to do one activity or several, Madrenaline has an assortment of exciting activities for stag and hen parties. You can roll the groom down a hill in a giant inflatable sphere or test the bride-to-be’s sniper skills on the air rifle range.

There are games inspired by medieval sports like axe and knife throwing and contemporary alternatives like Combat Archery which injects elements of Dodgeball and paintballing into the mix. There’s also Segway fun on Madrenaline’s unique obstacle course. It’s the only one of its kind in the UK.

Activities stag and hen parties won’t find elsewhere

Owner Trisha Heath says the company was set up because it understood the challenges people face when not only trying to find a venue to host their party but somewhere that is safe, can meet budget restraints, and provide a unique, memorable experience.

Situated south of Manchester, it is ideally located for those across Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and Staffordshire. Over the years it has also developed a strong reputation from progressive businesses seeking quality team-building experiences, and is now a well-established hospitality venue too. But stag and hen parties are their main focus.

To ensure it can offer activities that continue to excite and entertain, Madrenaline has consistently adapted and evolved. It means there’s often something new and unique unveiled every year. Its expertise in developing adventure games has, for example, seen it unveil the hugely popular one-of-a-kind Segway obstacle course mentioned earlier.

Hybrid Games and Activities

It has also looked to create hybrid games that bring in elements of different sports or activities to create something truly different. These leisure pursuits are increasingly sought-after. More and more people are playing Pickleball, for instance, which combines elements of table tennis, badminton and tennis. Footgolf is another that has grown in prominence in recent years.

Gaming crossovers offer familiar entertainment in a new way and can be seen in other niches. For example, there are a number of variations of Slingo which combine elements of bingo and slot games with popular themes like classic video games in Slingo Space Invaders and much-loved TV shows like Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Elsewhere, board games like the cooperative horror Mansion of Madness bring together physical gaming with digital interactive apps that add atmospheric sounds and music to provide a more immersive experience.

Madrenaline has also got in on the act. It offers a fun activity called Archery Golf. The game swaps the golf ball for an arrow, and the holes for a scoring “arc”. Players are tasked to shoot their arrows through the arc in the fewest turns. Just like in golf, there are several “holes” throughout the course. The winner is the one who hits the target in the least number of shots after completing the full course.

For a single source of fun stag and hen party activities, Madrenaline is ideal. It certainly takes the headache out of choosing a venue for a fun-packed day. One which the bride or groom won’t forget.