Media Streaming Devices Perfect for Home Entertainment in 2024

If you’re building or upgrading your home entertainment system in 2024, you should consider a media streaming device. These handy plug-ins work well with smart TVs, which can sometimes struggle with processing a lot of information due to how thin they are. They can also be used to add streaming services to TVs that don’t have modern smart TV functionality.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Roku is one of the oldest providers of streaming devices, with the first device being made in collaboration with Netflix. Their 4K streaming stick provides excellent service in the smallest package, without breaking the bank.

Using a streaming device can also provide access to browsing apps. Besides on-demand streaming, video-sharing and iGaming sites are also popular because they host thousands of hours of entertainment online. That means you can use a streaming device to access videos or the likes of online slots and other casino games hosted on the internet. Most modern streaming devices can browse online, opening up a lot more content than on-demand streaming options.

Historically, Roku made its name by offering devices that support Netflix and other similar services. However, now they have a robust catalog of Roku Originals plus the Roku Channel, all offering exclusive content.

Chromecast w/ Google TV

The Chromecast is one of the better streaming device options, though that comes with a caveat. If you want to get the most out of a Chromecast device, you need to have already bought into the Google ecosystem with a Google TV and Google smartphone. It’s reasonably priced but only if you already have a Google TV capable of 4K.

Chromecast is also great for offering live TV – something that may be a good investment as streamers look to buy streaming rights for sports. The accompanying remote gives you voice-control access to Google Assistant, allowing you to replace your TV remote with something more convenient. Chromecast tracks your activity and uses it to recommend new content offered through its partnered streaming services. It’s also one of the best providers of family-friendly accounts, with options limiting certain content and screen time.

If you use Android phones, you can also screencast to your Google TV. This allows you to display the phone activity on a larger screen, perfect for multi-device work or showing off interesting pictures or videos you have taken.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Like Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV devices were early and effective additions to the streaming device market. One of their best current devices is the Fire TV Stick Max supporting 4K content. It’s reasonably priced while offering features that other devices don’t have, like 16 gigabytes of storage (double other Fire TV devices) and the ability to run Wi-Fi 6E when used with a compatible router.

A Fire Stick also comes with Amazon Alexa, probably the most famous virtual assistant. Alexa’s functionality goes a lot further than controlling the Fire TV stick and what you’re watching with it. For example, it can also control lights and music-playing devices when connected to a wider smart home environment. This stick can also come bundled with an extra Alexa voice remote, a Luna controller or a USB power cable adapter.

Each of these three options can open up thousands of hours of streamed content. Using Roku, Google or Amazon’s plug-ins is a simple and relatively cost-effective way to level up your home entertainment system in 2024, even if you don’t have a smart TV.