Stoke On Trent’s Best Chinese Restaurants

Egg fried Rice, Chicken Chow mien, Curry Sauce and Battered Chicken balls. These are some of the staple foods of the British Chinese Restaurants. Now, Chinese Food is something I usually order at my front door, but it’s common knowledge that going to the source (in this case, that would be a restaurant) is arguably the better option. Mainly because the food can travel without travelling; it arrives on your plate fresh and without a chicken wing missing from an overzealous delivery driver who had a case of the munchies. 

Now, if you’re a local to the fine city of Stoke On Trent or live in the surrounding area and are willing to travel, you may be wondering where is the place to grab some decent Chinese Grub. Luckily, I have done the hard work and selected some of the finest establishments in the city. So grab your chopsticks and tuck into this article on some of Asia’s finest food (Although our restaurants are 100% catered to us British folk, let’s be honest).

Peaches 1-2 Silverdale Rd, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle – ST5 2TB

This spot in Newcastle Under Lyme has delighted customers with its fantastic food since 1993. It has become a staple restaurant in Newcastle, and with over thirty years of serving customers, it won’t come as a surprise that it has also managed to pick up many awards over the years. It also has the honourable distinction of holding the number one spot on Trip Advisor regarding Chinese restaurants in Stoke On Trent. 

The restaurant’s menu boasts an extensive array of options, featuring a diverse selection of meat dishes and a variety of seafood and vegetarian offerings. A carefully curated wine list showcases selections from around the world, focusing on complementing Chinese cuisine. Peaches welcomes patrons seeking a venue for several occasions, be it a business dinner, family gathering, or an intimate meal for two. The establishment is also child-friendly, making it an ideal choice for families.

However, it is popular with locals, so that means reservations can fill up quickly. If you are looking for a table on Friday or Saturday evenings, making reservations at least 2-3 weeks in advance is advised to ensure availability. They also have a tidy wine list, a welcome option for romantic meals and special occasions.  

The biggest draw, though, is this place is all you can eat. Unlike other all-you-can-eat restaurants, though, this place isn’t a buffet. You order a few dishes and can order more as long as you finish them. As you can try pretty much anything, it’s hard to make a recommendation here. Just go and enjoy it and have what your heart desires. It’s £25 in the week and £26 on weekends. For the standard of food and how much of it you get, it is excellent value for money. 

Bauhinia Restaurant, 2 Lyme Dr, Parklands, Stoke-on-Trent – ST4 6NW

Bauhinia Restaurant offers delectable Chinese-inspired cuisine, presenting a fusion of contemporary Chinese flavours through traditional cooking techniques and modern methods, ensuring an impeccable and distinctive dining experience. I like this spot because of the fusion, and it’s what drawers most punters through the door. 

The restaurant takes great pride in delivering an authentic Chinese dining experience that stands out from other establishments in Stoke On Trent. The commitment to freshness is a hallmark of Bauhinia (this is something I value very highly when selecting a place to eat), where each dish is meticulously prepared in the kitchen, guaranteeing freshness in every bite. The emphasis on live cooking also sets Bauhinia apart, providing a delightful departure from pre-cooked offerings found elsewhere. The menu reflects a celebration of freshness, featuring a range from vibrant stir-fries to impeccably cooked meats. There are loads to choose from again; I love the Yuk Sung but don’t limit yourselves here. Order a few dishes to get the whole experience. Good news for vegetarians as well, as they have a wide range of options for none meat eaters. 

Beyond culinary excellence, Bauhinia’s service extends to creating a warm and homely atmosphere. The dedicated staff aims to make patrons feel like cherished members of the Bauhinia family, ensuring a service experience that is both comfortable and heartfelt. The restaurant’s design, characterised by inviting round tables, fosters a cosy yet vibrant ambience. With its elegant decor, Bauhinia becomes an ideal setting for formal dinners, family gatherings, and special events such as Christmas and Chinese New Year celebrations, which add cultural richness to the experience.

In addition to honouring traditional beverages, Bauhinia introduces a touch of innovation with its signature cocktails. Each drink is a harmonious blend of classic flavours and inventive mixology, providing the perfect accompaniment to toast life’s memorable moments. 

The Chinese Garden Restaurant 94-96 Crewe Rd, Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent – ST7 2JA

This spot is Alsager’s finest Chinese eatery. They also offer some Japanese dishes and Thai food. The service here is terrific. The staff are so friendly and attentive you feel valued when eating here. 

The restaurant’s decor is also elegant, without being too overbearing like some restaurants. They can cater to small and large parties and keep you from waiting too long for food. 

There are many good things to choose from here, and again, this is another restaurant that prepares its food freshly and is cooked to order. The starters and the Spare Ribs In Peking Sauce are a must-have. They are delicious. The sauce hits all the right notes, and the ribs are tender and almost fall off the bone; I recommend keeping a napkin nearby as they are very saucy. 

As for a man, I love duck and adore stir fry, so I went for the Stit Fried Roast duck. This dish elevates the restaurant from good to great. The vegetables are fresh and not overcooked, so they don’t have that sentimentality. They stay crunchy, which is essential as this helps with flavour, and texturally, they are far more appealing to the pallet. It is also superb; it is not dry, which, for a start, is a winner and is seasoned to perfection. I can almost taste those tender, juicy pieces with the crunchy outer edge. I’m almost heading there now. 

Finally, we Brits get a lot of stick for this, but they are one of my all-time favourites. Get the salt and pepper chips. I know people from other parts of the world say chips don’t belong anywhere near a succulent Chinese meal (points if you get the reference), but they are a classic dish here. There are a lot of love potatoes, and the Chinese spin on the British classic is wonderful. Especially at this spot, they have just the right amount of heat and crunch, and I get them every time I come here. 

I like to finish the article with a little bit of a request from you readers; of course, these pieces intend to get your mouth watering, so you go out and try these spots I’ve mentioned, and I really hope these choices have inspired you a lot and you are willing to give them a go. 

It must be said, though, that in this current cost of living crisis, people are eating out less, and more and more beautiful places to eat are having to shut their doors. If you can and are able, get yourself out there and get yourself to a restaurant. Try a new place, or visit an old favourite. You won’t regret it, and I’m sure the restaurant owners will be very grateful.