Stafford’s Best Fish and Chip Shops

Fish and chips is an institution, a classic dish that is synonymous with our land. It is a dish the international community associates with the United Kingdom and is one of the most fabulous meals ever conceived. The dish is so British, I think of bulldogs and Dambusters while dining out (I bring my fish and chips home) on this delicious cuisine. 

Stafford has a plethora of options when it comes to Fish and Chip shops (or ‘chippys’), and there are some excellent options to choose from. So, in no particular order, let’s look at 5 of the best the county town has to offer.  

Fish and Chips in Stafford

Britannia Fish Bar –    109 First Ave, Stafford ST16 1QE

Britannia is my local chippy; I’ve been going there for years; they do battered chips on request (or orange chips for you black country folk), which isn’t something you can find everywhere in Stafford. They add an extra crunch to the chips, which makes each bite just that little bit more satisfying. The mixed special is banging; for £7.50, you are given a generous amount of food. A plentiful amount of donna meat and chicken tikka served with salad wrapped in naan bread. I personally have to finish it in two sittings, but there are much more accomplished big eaters than I that could put this away in one sitting. 

All the usual fare is also here, from fish cakes, cod, Pies, and Savaloys. A sausage meal deal is £6.00, and the Fish special comes in at 7.80; the curry sauce is tasty, that perfect blend of not too thin but not too thick. I tend to add a pot to my specials. It’s a good spot, reliable and never lets you down. If you’ve not tried it, give it a go! 

Queens Fish and Chip –  Unit 4, Beacon Business Park, Stafford ST18 0XF

To parallel my first suggestion, Queens Fish and Chips is the most recent chippy I’ve tasted in Stafford. The Kebabs here are massive, and they come in at 5 pounds. I go on about Kebabs a lot, but Queens, for me, is the best in Stafford for one. They pack the pitta bread with juicy chicken and donna and add mint and chilli sauce, which only adds to the magic. There are plenty of other sauce options if my choice of condiment is different from your thing. The chips are fluffy and crispy, and a cone comes in at £2.20. Out of all the specials, the mini fish is the standout, a golden crispy battered mini fillet of fish fried to perfection and served with a generous portion of chips. What more can you ask for at £5.99? 

The Windmill – 8 Castle Hill Broad Eye, Stafford, ST16 2QB

I’ve always seen the Windmill as a more premium option when it comes to chip shops. Every time I’ve ordered fish here, it’s been cooked fresh to order, and that has always been something that has made this plaice (awful joke, I know) stand out. As you’d expect, the chips are crispy and fresh, but a cone starts at £3.50. 

One of the menu’s standout options is the salt and chilli chicken chunks; these delectable little morsels are pieces of happiness that have me salivating at the thought of them. Donner meat and chips in a tray start at £.7.90, which is a higher price point than other places, but the freshness of the food warrants the extra cost when you’re in the mood for a premium chippy. 

Silkmore Lane Fish Bar – 227 Silkmore Ln, Stafford ST17 4JB 

I’m going to begin with the words Pie, chips and gravy. I cant not have this order this here. A pukka pie served with chips and a rich, delicious gravy. At just £6.45, you get hearty and filling meal that will leave you completely satisfied. This chip shop has undoubtedly mastered the art of delivering exceptional taste without breaking the bank.

This particular chip shop is also responsible for myself recently becoming a fan of battered burgers. It’s a fine addition to any order if I do say so. The mushy peas are worth getting here; adding some black pepper to them when you bring them home is advisable but not necessary if pepper isn’t to your taste.  

Weston Road Fishbar – 61 Weston Rd, Stafford ST16 3RL

This old-school spot in Stafford is a local legend. Weston Road is always in most local people’s top 3 when discussing the best places to grab a chippy. You can get a clucking decent chicken box meal for £8.00. You get one piece of Southern fried chicken, two spicy strips and two Southern fried chicken strips with chips and a sauce. The box meal is as good as any at local fast-food chains. The Southern Fried Chicken was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside – classic and delicious. The spicy strips added a bit of kick without going overboard.

Flavorful without being too much. The wrap held everything together nicely, and they put some care into making it. Portion-wise, it hit the spot – not too big or small. The scampi here is also fantastic, golden balls of battered goodness, that combine well with either gravy, mushy peas or tartar sauce.

 The price was fair, especially considering the quality. The food is good, and the service is friendly – what more can you ask for from a local takeaway?  

An honourable mention must also go to Bodmin chip shop; they have delicious chips, and the fish is always good-sized. I may have a little bias as this is the shop I used during high school, but I still rate it.

All of these establishments are also delivering food locally to the Stafford area, and you can find them and order via their websites, or they can be found on the usual delivery platforms and applications. Please now go and try some of these famous Stafford fryers and help support some local businesses while also getting a tasty meal in return.