Popular games for adults to play online

Tired of finding a new, exciting-looking game, only to find out that it’s designed for a younger demographic? Don’t despair: when you know where to look, you’ll discover some of the most entertaining, hilarious and enjoyable games to play either on your own or with friends.

Whether you’re a puzzle game aficionado or you prefer something slightly more suspenseful, it’s worth knowing about the best games out there for the grown-ups.

Our top 3 games for grown-ups to play online

  1. Poker

Poker is one of the most traditional games on our list, but we think it deserves its place at the top. Understanding the rules takes a little bit of time but, once you get a grasp of it, poker is not only highly entertaining but pretty tense too.

Texas Hold’em poker is the best version for newbies, and the game works as follows:

  • Firstly, players are dealt their cards and then place their initial bets.
  • Next, cards are dealt on the table – known as community cards – and another round of betting follows.
  • Each player then receives a fourth card, and another round of betting commences.
  • After the fifth and final card is dealt, there’s one more round of betting.
  • The game concludes with a showdown, where players reveal their remaining cards.

The aim of the game is to put together a better, or stronger, hand than your opponents. Just remember that, as with any game that involves putting money down, you should always bet within your means.

  • Bingo

Thanks to its simplicity and capacity to allow large numbers of players to join one game, bingo is hugely popular with friends playing remotely. Getting started online also involves very little experience – and you won’t need to buy any equipment either.

The game works a little bit like a lottery, so the rules are simple. It’s easy to recreate a physical version for an at-home bingo night, or you could play exclusive online bingo games on a reputable site. These add an extra layer of fun with live chat rooms and bonus prizes!

In any modern version of the classic 90-ball bingo, each player starts the game with a ticket – known as a card. This contains grids partially filled with numbers between 1 and 90.

During each game, numbers are picked at random and announced by a caller. If the number called matches one on your ticket, you mark or ‘dab’ it off. If you’re one of the first players to dab a horizontal or vertical line, you can shout ‘bingo!’ and claim a prize!

  • Jenga

Jenga has been around for over 40 years now, but did you know you can play this timeless classic online too? The fundamental version of the game involves picking blocks out of the tower without causing it to topple over, but there are so many extra layers to discover online.

Web-based versions of the game typically involve two-player action, but you can find group action too. You should always choose your blocks wisely and make sure that you’re never the player who sends the tower tumbling!

If you’re playing in person, you can still make Jenga even more entertaining. To spice things up, why not use giant blocks and write dares on each piece? You won’t be able to see what’s tucked away when the tower is intact but, as soon as a piece gets wriggled out, your players get an almighty surprise.


Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, planning a getaway with friends, or just ready to spend a cosy night in together, you’ll need some games to keep your guests entertained. There’s a crowd-pleaser for every type of party, from card games and board games to old-fashioned classics, so you’ll never be short of ideas.