Know the Difference Between Free Chips and Free Spins

Online casinos are offering bonuses to both new and current customers all month long. We are here to help you out if you have no idea what a no-deposit bonus is. The terms “free spins,” “free chips,” and “no-deposit bonus” are all used interchangeably by different casinos. They are basically one and the same, albeit there are some subtle distinctions.

Online casinos provide a plethora of freebies to entice new players. The most common kind of bonus is the no-deposit bonus, which lets players earn free money without having to put up any of their own money.

My one and only significant issue about these advantages is that they are referred to by a wide variety of names each of which is distinct from the others. The incentives that do not need a player to make a deposit in order to get free chips or spins are the ones that are most sought after. On the other hand, determining which choice is the best is not always simple. In order to be more specific, the answer is “depends,” and players are required to constantly take into consideration the highest possible earnings potential.

Before we go into the casinos that provide free chips and free spins, let’s speak about what makes them different so you can make an informed decision.

Casinos that provide bonuses without requiring a deposit

Online casinos that provide a variety of promos that do not need a deposit are known as no-deposit bonus casinos. You don’t have to put any of your own money down to take advantage of these promos. These incentives are usually given to new customers as a way to get them to become loyal clients. When players sign up for no-deposit bonuses, casinos give them free money to spend on games or slots.

Customers may obtain this bonus if they satisfy certain conditions or register at a new casino. The casino’s regulations and the games they provide determine the sort of no-deposit bonus that is offered. Customers may increase their bankroll and test out the site’s other features with these incentives. All of your earnings are like free cash as there’s no deposit required. Plus, there’s no risk to you since you may practice without risking any real cash.

Numerous kinds of no-deposit bonuses are accessible. Of them, free chips and free spins are by far the most popular. Let’s compare and contrast them.

Free Credits & Free Chips 

The term “no deposit bonus” is shorthand for free chips, which are essentially no-deposit cash incentives. Players may load their bankroll with free chip no deposit NZ thanks to these promotions. Many games, including blackjack and other table games, employ these chips and currency. The fact that you may test your luck without actually putting down any cash makes it simple to see why these incentives are so popular.

Twenty to forty free chips are possible, with free credits ranging from five dollars to one hundred dollars. Bonus codes are often required to redeem free chip promotions at numerous casinos. In order to cash out your profits from these bonuses, you have to follow the rules. Regardless of the cashout restrictions and the fact that the majority of casinos do not let the withdrawal of bonus wins until the wagering requirements are fulfilled, these bonuses are still worth taking advantage of. Some of the benefits and drawbacks of these perks are listed below:


  • Playable in a variety of formats.
  • Bonuses from this casino tend to have greater withdrawal limits.
  • Wagering requirements reduced.
  • Your account is immediately credited with cash and chips.


  • The amount you may withdraw is limited.
  • Must be utilized no later than the expiration date, which is often within a few days.
  • There is a disparity between the bonus amount and deposit bonuses.

Free Spins

No other games in the casino may be played with free spin bonuses; they can only be used on slot machines. Free spins are very much like free credits for a certain slot machine. Most deals with a big number of spins allow you to play a range of games, and some casinos even let you select which game to spend the spins on. Many people believe the myth that free spins are useless, however this is not the case. The casino treats free spins as if they were real money, loading the slot machine with credits just as you would with your own currency. The main distinction is that during the free spins, you are unable to alter the preset wager amount that is applied to each spin.

Your earnings from free spins will be credited to your account in the form of bonus money. Withdrawals are subject to the casino’s wagering requirements, which you must fulfill in order to access your earnings. Having said that, your wins are not limited to only slot machines; they may be used to play any game in the casino, including table games. Free spins have a few advantages and disadvantages, such as these:


  • Requirements for wagering are lower than those of other incentives.
  • Compared to other casino bonuses, this one has a higher cashout maximum.
  • A lot of new casinos give out free spins as an incentive for players to join up.


  • Reserved for slot machines only.
  • You can’t use free spins on every slot machine.
  • There is a time limit for when things must be done.
  • A maximum amount that may be withdrawn.
  • The stake’s value remains constant.

Enjoy Free No-Deposit Bonuses Every Time!

You can see that there are many advantages to utilizing no-deposit bonuses, whether they come in the form of free credits or free spins.

You are now more equipped to pick a casino that offers no deposit bonuses based on your knowledge of the two main categories. We suggest free spins if you like slot machines, and free chips if you don’t.

Your decision is dictated by your own gaming tastes and the options that are at your disposal. Seize any no-deposit bonus you can get your hands on, but if you can’t find one with reasonable terms, try to find one with minimal wagering requirements and a maximum cashout limit. Keep in mind, there is no cost whatsoever!