How To Prepare For Your Dog’s TPLO Surgery San Diego?

When the term ‘surgery’ crosses your ears it automatically raises your anxiety in hoping that all turns well whether in the case of animals or humans. But if it’s your dog’s TPLO surgery San Diego then you might consider a few dos and don’ts so that there is no disturbance in the operation.

The Preparation For Your Dog’s TPLO Surgery San Diego

You can do the preparation for your dog’ TPLO surgery San Diego in the following ways:

Don’t Feed Your Dog The Night Before Surgery

Don’t feed your dog the night before surgery as that stands out as one of the most important things to do before surgery. Don’t feed your dog the night before and the morning of surgery. Why? Because they will be given anesthesia that is safe for dogs. However, some dogs feel nauseous from the treatment and may vomit during surgery, which might result in choking and you will not like that to happen. Hence fasting in the hours leading up to the operation prevents this from happening.

Go For A Short Walk On Surgery Day

If there is enough time on the day of operation then use the morning and go for a short walk. Leisurely stroll with your dog outdoors that will make you and your furry friend feel better. Moreover, this provides them with an opportunity to ventilate the energy they had been keeping inside and relieve themselves properly before surgery.

Don’t Allow Your Dog To Run And Play Rough

Activities like jumping up and playing fetch are tiresome and strenuous because physical exercise uses your dog’s energy and can make your dog’s joints and muscles sore. The sooner you realize the better. Why? This practice will make the operation even more uncomfortable for them. Would you prefer to watch your dog in pain before surgery? No right? So, temporarily refrain from playing rough with them until after they’re completely healed from surgery.

Make Sure Your Dog’s Vaccinations Are Updated

Is your dog’s vaccination updated? If not then have that done first and then move towards a surgical procedure. Your dog should be vaccinated especially for rabies, parvo, and distemper. All the latest vaccines must be administered at least a week before the operation. Otherwise, there might be trouble waiting for you during or after surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Is it important to prepare for your dog’s TPLO surgery San Diego?

Yes, it is important to prepare for your dog’s tplo surgery to avoid any kind of problems during and after the surgery.

What to do if the dog loves to play?

If your dog follows an active routine then you have to stop it from getting into activities that will sore his muscle joints as that can lead to pain during the surgery.