How to choose the right wallet: main tips

Money loves not only counting but also careful handling. This has been known for centuries. Today everyone can choose the accessory that will help them neatly store all credit cards, bills, business cards, discount cards, in general, everything that should be at hand at all times. For example, you can visit GotToShop online shop to make the right choice. But first, look through the following tips and recommendations to get the most out of shopping for wallets.

Now the choice in online shops is so wide, that a problem appears – it is difficult to understand the differences between accessories and find the right one. That’s why this article will tell you what are the main differences between wallets, purses, coin holders and other types of accessories, what are their features, and how to buy an item that looks perfect and is affordable.

 Some tips for choosing a perfect wallet

Look for a new wallet in the online shop based on your personal preferences. The product should meet your requirements, as it is not just a compact storage of your finances, but a part of your style and mood.

To make a profitable purchase, pay attention to some tips:

 ·         Material. Genuine leather and suede with high-quality finishing will create a stylish and solid image.

·         Functionality. It is always convenient to have several compartments: for large bills, change, and bank cards.

 ·         Size. Envelope-shaped models are very convenient to use, but they may not fit in a small handbag. Perhaps this is a great reason to buy two accessories because everything needs to be designed to the smallest detail.

 ·         Price. Cheap products quickly lose their brightness and beauty, and you must admit that such an investment is unjustified. If you can’t afford an expensive model, go for products with an average price.

 Choice of Colour

Today, customers are offered models in a variety of colours. And although the palette is conventionally divided into “male” and “female” colours, this is rarely paid attention to nowadays. Therefore, everyone can choose the colours that suit their overall style and fully correspond to their preferences.

For those who love the classics and want their accessory to be non-marking, yet restrained and elegant, we can advise you to buy a brown wallet or purse. It will suit both casual and business styles.

Black is another colour that never goes out of style. It is considered a modern classic and also suits any style.

 Red wallets are bright and stylish accessories that become a highlight and are very popular with women who know how to attract attention. Red is not a typical colour for men’s wallets, but this material can be used as a lining for black accessories. It looks stylish and elegant.

 Also, men’s accessories can be made in navy blue, marsh, and maroon colours. Many men prefer such models because they stand out among the numerous black and brown options.

 Stitching, Lining, and Accessories

 These last three points are very important, as they also largely determine how long a wallet or purse will serve its owners.

 When choosing an accessory in an online shop and after its delivery, you need to look at the stitching, because if the threads wear out quickly, the wallet will tear, even if it is made of genuine leather. Therefore, you need to choose options with strong threads – nylon or synthetic. To make the thread as strong as possible, it is impregnated with fat and wax. But the thickness of the thread does not matter much, as even the thinnest nylon thread is difficult to tear.

The perimeter of the product should be double-stitched. If you can see protruding threads or gaps in the seams, you shouldn’t buy such a wallet.

Wallet accessories must always be of very high quality, so brass or steel is used to make locks and buttons. The accessory itself shall be securely fixed to the material, as it will be opened and closed thousands of times.

When choosing a new wallet in the online store, follow these tips to make the right choice and get an accessory that will serve you for a long time.