Five Signs It May Be Time To Start Considering New Windows

Our windows are an important part of our home. In fact, more so than we might think. The natural light is important for our mood, while they also contribute to the energy efficiency of our home, whether that be through the electricity used for lighting or when it comes to heating the home.

By their very nature, windows are hard wearing and a new set will last you a significant period of time. In fact, many companies that sell windows provide long guarantees and are using sturdier materials than ever before, like NOW Aluminium who, you guessed it, have started to specialise in aluminium window frames.

But how exactly do you know that it’s time to start considering new windows in the first place?

Drafts and Air Leaks

One of the tell-tale signs is that you may start to notice drafts or air leaks coming through your windows. This tells you that you are no longer sealing your home effectively.

Gaps or cracks in window frames can allow air to get in, which makes it more difficult to regulate your home’s temperature and can increase your energy bills as a result, particularly during the colder months.

Difficulty Opening or Closing

Of course, a bad sign on your windows part is losing the ability to open or close them. It’s a common sign of wear and tear with hinges, handles and tracks becoming worn out and as a result difficult to open.

If your windows won’t open or they stick and jam, ultimately not only is this annoying but it can also pose a safety risk. After all, you may need to escape through a window in an emergency!

Visible Damage or Decay

You may also start to notice the damage visibly, the likes of rotting wood, rusted frames and cracked glass are all weaknesses in your windows and compromise the structural integrity, not to mention not exactly being aesthetically pleasing.

Such problems can really detract from the look of your home, as well as making your windows more susceptible to further damage such as mould and damp.

Over time you’ll start to see your windows deteriorate more and more, and often it can be a good idea to recognise that early and invest in new, functional and more energy efficient alternatives.

Excessive Noise and Lack of Insulation

Noise pollution can be really frustrating in a home, especially if you live in a busy, built up area or under a flight path, for example.

Windows can often be what let the most noise through so if you feel like it’s especially loud or has gotten worse in recent months, then it may be time to make the change.

Additionally, if you have single-glazed windows in your home, this is also going to impact the noise. Of course there are other solutions out there, but your windows may well be the most effective to prioritise.

Condensation Inside the Glass

Finally, it can be relatively common to see condensation in between window panes and often we do brush it off. However, this is a sign that your windows have been compromised and performance of them will be hampered as a result.

Moisture between the glass layers means that the insulating gas between them has escaped. This will not only obstruct your view but also reduce efficiency in your home, which can be reflected in your bills.

Ultimately, all of the above suggests that your windows aren’t performing as they should be and that will be costing you money through energy bills, so it’s much better to spot the signs and find an appropriate solution, as it will be beneficial in the long run.