A Useful Guide for Anyone Visiting Alicante

Finally, you have reached Alicante. This is a town that loves sunlight, boasts its Mediterranean Sea and serves tapas with joy. If you like the beach, history or trying different foods – no matter what your interest may be – Alicante has something for all types of people. Here in this comprehensive guide we will talk about every key place to see, culinary delights and local tips so that your time spent here becomes truly memorable.

Exploring the Old Town: Where History Comes Alive

Travel back in time, strolling through the ancient streets of Alicante’s beautiful Old Town. You will be amazed at the medieval style of buildings with their colorful fronts and balconies made from wrought iron. Be sure not to skip seeing Santa Barbara Castle, which sits on Mount Benacantil – it gives a 360-degree look over Alicante and its surroundings. Walk casually on the Explanada de España, it is a path with palm trees that looks out to the marina and enjoy its relaxed environment.

Getting Around: Transportation Tips

When it comes to getting around Alicante, you have several options to choose from.

  • Public Transport: Alicante has a good arrangement of buses and trams, which makes moving around the city easy. Get yourself a Bono card that can be refilled for reduced tickets on both bus and tram.
  • Walking: Alicante, with its small size, is ideal for exploring on foot. Lace up your walking shoes and stroll along the cobblestone streets, discovering hidden squares and delightful cafes as you proceed.
  • AtoB Alicante Airport Taxi: To have an easy taxi trip from the airport to where you are staying, consider booking in advance with a trusted provider. They will provide taxis that can be pre-booked and offer child seats as well. So this might be a good start to your Alicante experience – no fuss!

Beach Bliss: Sun, Sand, and Sea

To enjoy Alicante completely, you must go its attractive beaches. From the active Playa del Postiguet to calm waters of Playa de San Juan, there’s a sand stretch for every feeling. Sunbathe, swim in clear waters or do water activities such as paddleboarding and snorkelling.

Culinary Delights: Sweet Treats & Meats

Get ready to experience a unique adventure for your taste buds. The food in Alicante is full of flavour, drawing from its diverse history and location near the coast. Try classic dishes such as paella that uses fresh seafood and rice with saffron, or enjoy tapas like crispy fried potatoes called patatas bravas along with tasty grilled octopus. Quench your thirst with a cup of wine from around here or a nice horchata, which is sweet and made of tiger nuts.

Cultural Gems: Art, Music, and More

Get into Alicante’s lively culture, where art, music and history come together. Visit the Contemporary Art Museum (MACA) to see creations from famous Spanish artists such as Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso. Watch a show at Teatro Principal, an old theatre that began in the 1800s. Also, make sure you go to the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ). Here, you can discover the old history of this city by exploring interactive displays and archaeological discoveries.

Shopping Extravaganza: From Boutiques to Markets

Go for some shopping in Alicante’s shopping areas. You will find everything here, from designer shops on Avenida Maisonnave to interesting souvenir stores in the Old Town. Visit the lively Mercado Central and see many stalls full of fresh fruits, local food items and handmade crafts.

Nightlife: Where the Party Never Ends

When it’s dark, Alicante becomes a completely different place. You can find many cool bars and clubs along the coast. These places are on the waterfront promenade where you can have cocktails, listen to live music or dance all night until early morning hours. Or maybe you want to experience an old-fashioned Spanish evening with tapas and drinks? You can join locals in the Old Town for this fun night out. If dancing is your thing, go ahead and spend your night at one of the city’s trendy nightclubs!

Final Thoughts: A Farewell to Alicante

When you are about to leave Alicante, think back upon the memories and times shared in this place. The fun at beach, meals that were enjoyed, visits to old places – all these things have made a lasting impression on you. So until we meet again – goodbye Alicante! May your journeys always bring sunshine, laughter and memories that will never be forgotten.