Exploring the Many Wonders of the Middle East as a Tourist

The Middle East is filled with numerous enchanting locations and the most hospitable people you’ll ever find. Diverse cultures and civilizations have developed in this part of the world. You’ll find many historical sights, temples, tombs, and ancient buildings, some of which are in ruins, but they are worth exploring because you would not like to miss places where history itself was born and buried.

This piece will introduce you to some of the Middle East’s many wonders. It will practically be your tour guide for your next destination, and you will learn when and when not to visit.

5 Wonders of The Middle East

Find below five wonders of the Middle East that’s worth exploring:

  1. Statue Rocks, the Rainbow Valley, and Salt Domes in Iran

These not-so-tiny geographical gems are located in the Persian Gulf. That’s to say that big things can come in small packages. Hormuz Island’s 16 jaw-dropping landscapes influence the story behind its formation. Do not expect tall buildings like modern Skyscrapers, but you can enjoy nice games when you read more online. The only thing similar to skyscrapers is the Salt domes and mountains.

Furthermore, you’ll get to explore some of Earth’s artwork, like the Valley of the Statue Rocks, where you’ll find rocks in diverse phenomenal shapes. Also, the many-colored Rainbow Valley isn’t left in the hut as you will find them from red to white, orange, purple, and blue, made by natural minerals.

  1. Turkey’s Storybook Spires

A long, long time ago, about 30 million years ago, a volcanic eruption spewed its ash across a large area—our very own Turkey. This started the story behind the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. After the volcanic eruption, the ashes formed a ‘tuff’ like a porous rock made of volcanic dirt and ash. As time passed, these tufts were reborn to look like spire-shaped pillars of stone.

  1. One of the oldest and most famous mountains in the world – Mount Sinai in Egypt

According to biblical facts, this mountain is known as Moses’ Mountain. It is a significant site for Muslims, Jews, and Christians as it reflects the period God spoke to Moses and the children of Israel and the location where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. The Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine is located at the site, which is a UNESCO Global Heritage Site.

This fascinating mountain has a harsh and rugged landscape. Most of it is over 600 million years old, which means you can find rare animal and plant species. If you like to hike, then climbing Mount Sinai will be another amazing adventure. Hikers, religious people, and nature enthusiasts always find themselves enchanted with the famous Sinai Trail.

The Sinai Trail is 500 km long and the best-known trail in the world. It starts in the coastal town called Nuweiba, on the Gulf of Aqaba, and stops at the city of St. Catherine, just at the foot of the mountain. You can go by car from Dahab, Nuweiba, and Sharm El-Sheikh. It’s a 2 hours drive from these places.

  1. Ein Gedi, Israel

Ein Gedi sits along the Dead Sea in Israel. It is an oasis in the rocky area of the Judean Desert, and it’s an hour’s drive to Jerusalem. If you hike higher during Spring, you can see the Dead Sea. This is Israel’s most popular destination and a place hikers can enjoy. Hikers will also get to enjoy nine diverse trails towards different parts of the spring.

One of the trails leads to David’s Waterfall, the most popular trail. It is also the tallest in Ein Gedi. There, you’ll find pools to cool off the heat during summer. Depending on the length of your stay, you might want to tour further into places like the Window Waterfall. It is a shallow pool with a window-like space between rocks that shows views of the Dead Sea.

Don’t get too caught up in its beauty, as the place is well-known for its wildlife. If you like, you can head down to the Dead Sea and float in the lowest part of the earth.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

As you know, Istanbul is Turkey’s capital, and it has a magical touch because of its art and architecture. This city isn’t only safe. It offers diverse historical monuments and sites where you can learn the story behind diverse ancient civilizations.

Turkey is both Asian and European. It has quite several Mosques and Minarets. Historical and famous monuments like the Grand Bazaar, Ottoman Mosques, and the Topkapi Palace will be found. That’s just a few. You can explore many places, including restaurants and shopping malls.


The Middle East can be hot and dry during summer, which coincides with Europe’s and North America’s. If you want to enjoy your trip and stay, go during spring and winter, and try to familiarize yourself with the particular location you intend to spend time in. The weather is more favorable during those periods.