Do B&Q Cut Wood to Size?

B&Q do cut wood to size in most of their stores, but only timber and wood panels that you buy in-store. Staff at B&Q will not cut wood to size without a receipt from the store’s checkouts.

The service is not available at every B&Q store, so it’s a good idea to check before you go. Use the B&Q store-checker on their website to find one near you that does cut wood.

What Wood does B&Q Cut?

B&Q will cut panels such as MDF, plyboard or chipboard, and dimensioned timber such as 4 x 2.

On the panel-cutting machine, there is a maximum thickness of 80mm (or three inches). Board size is restricted to 3.3m by 2.16m (or 10 ½ feet by 7 feet) max, and 500mm x 230mm (or 19 inches by 9) minimum.

On the cross-cut saw there is no minimum thickness, the maximum being 150mm (or 6 inches). The machine can handle anything up to three metres in length. They are unlikely to hold anything longer than this in-store.

Top Tip:

Not all B&Q staff have training on the equipment used to cut wood in-store, so it is always a good idea to call ahead so that you don’t waste a journey. Staff could be off-shift, or away from their post for many reasons.

Does B&Q Charge to Cut Wood?

The good news is that the first fifteen cuts made in-store are completely free of charge. After that, B&Q will charge a fee of 50 pence per cut.

It’s good to note that the charge is per cut, and not per piece of wood. When you need a panel cut to size, say width, and length, then that will add up to two cuts when calculating your allowance!

Planning Your Project

If you plan before you go you will save yourself time and the cutting staff work. By working out a cutting list of all the wood lengths you need to complete your project, you may be able to save money by being better able to buy only what you need.

It won’t matter if your measurements are in metres and centimetres or feet and inches, as the machines can usually cope with either.

Always remember that the big-box DIY retailers are always at their busiest at the weekend, so avoid if possible, or go as early as you can to avoid the rush.

Top Tip:

If you are only considering using the timber-cutting service for transport of the material to your home, perhaps you should consider home delivery options.

What Wood Won’t B&Q Cut to Size?

Kitchen worktops are not cut to size at B&Q because neither machine has the right cutting blade set up to cope with the laminate, or other special finishes. Laminate can chip easily if cut the wrong way.

There Isn’t a B&Q Near Me. What Do I Do?

Homebase stores also offer this service, but similar rules apply. Call ahead to determine availability and be remember that their policy is to charge 50 pence per cut after the first two free cuts.