Does Wickes Cut Wood?

The short answer to the question, does Wickes cut wood, is no. Wickes does not provide this service, however, its timber products come in a wide range of sizes.

There are many reasons why you might need wood cut in-store. Perhaps you need to fit it in a car, on a bus, or maybe have a specific project. If Wickes does not cut wood, then what are the alternatives?

If enough people ask the popular question, does Wickes cut wood, maybe they will offer it as a service in the future?

Where Can You Get Wood Cut In-Store?

What else can you do if you don’t have the space, time, or resources to cut wood?

Do B&Q or Homebase Cut Wood?

B&Q and Homebase do offer this service in most of their stores. They only offer to cut wood bought in their own store. Whatever you need, you must take it through the checkout before bringing it back in for cutting.

The wood-cutting service is not supplied at every branch of B&Q, or Homebase, so it’s sensible to check online before you go.

The B&Q website has a handy store checker. Just type in your postcode to find the nearest outlet.

Does B&Q Charge to Cut Wood?

B&Q will charge you to cut large amounts of wood, however, the first fifteen cuts are free. The cost is per cut, and not per piece of wood. If you need a panel cut to size, width and length, that will count as two cuts on the one piece of wood.

B&Q charges 50p per cut for every cut after the first 15.

Be aware that not all staff at B&Q stores can use the wood-cutting machines. Always check that the correct personnel are in store, and available, before you make your purchase.

Does Homebase Charge to Cut Wood?

Homebase does charge to cut wood. The first two cuts are free. Further cuts cost 50p each.

Like B&Q, not all Homebase staff can use the cutting machines, so it is wise to check that someone is available to carry out any of your cutting needs.

What Wood Do B&Q And Homebase Cut?

B&Q and Homebase will cut panels, sheet material such as chipboard or plywood, and dimensioned lumber, such as 3 x 2 pine.

Panels That Can Be Cut to Size

There is a maximum and minimum capacity for the panel-cutting machine. It is a standard machine used in workshops across the country, as well as DIY stores and timber merchants.

The minimum length is 500 mm (19 inches) by 230 mm (9 inches).

The maximum length is 3300 mm (10 feet 8 ½ inches) by 2160 mm (7 feet).

The machine cuts a maximum panel thickness of 80 mm (3 inches).

Given these numbers, you will be forgiven for thinking that B&Q can cut a kitchen worktop to size. However, this is the only significant exclusion to their wood-cutting service.

What Timber Can Be Cut to Size?

B&Q and Homebase can cut dimensioned timber to length on their cross-cut saw. They can cut timber up to 3 metres in length (9 feet, 8 inches).

The machine can cut timber up to 150 mm (6 inches) thick. There is no minimum thickness.

How to Have a Successful Wood-Buying Trip

To fail to plan, is to plan to fail, so here are our essential wood-cutting service tips to help you get the best out of your visit to the DIY store.

1 Know the Sizes

The old carpenter’s saying, measure twice, cut once, rings true. It pays to know exactly what sizes your wood needs to be. Measure carefully and write it all down. It doesn’t matter whether it is in centimetres and millimetres, or feet and inches. Most UK machines can cope with either.

2 Make a Cutting List

Having a list of what you need is the most helpful thing you can do for the staff at B&Q, or Homebase. You will also be able to work out how many linear metres, or feet, of timber you will need.

3 Allow for The Blade

Be careful to buy enough timber so that you can be sure to get what you want. The cutting blade thickness could be as much as 6 mm (1/4 inch), which could make all the difference. The best thing to do is to allow 10%. There will be wastage and offcuts, as no timber lengths will ever add up perfectly.

The worst that will happen is that you will need to buy more wood.

4 Would Wickes Home Delivery Service Suit You Better?

If your requirement for a cutting service is simply to allow you to fit it in your car to get it home, perhaps consider taking advantage of the store’s home delivery service instead. This way you get to have full-length timber for your project.