8 Clever Ways to Get the Best Online Shopping Deals

Online shopping is trending nowadays, with over 2.71 billion online buyers reported in 2024. This is unsurprising in an era with technologies like smartphones, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Today, there are many online payment options available to shop online on Amazon or eBay. But can you get discounts or promotions when shopping online? Yes, most online retailers provide comprehensive deals for their shoppers. However, getting a discounted price and finding a top deal are two entirely different things. In this writeup, we’ll share some helpful tips to enjoy the best discounts if you decide to shop and buy online.

Tip #1: Buy at the Right Time

This trick works for most people, although it requires a little patience. There’s an ideal time of the year to purchase almost anything when online and offline retailers offer seasonal and holiday discounts. You can pay less for furniture, bedding, appliances, and clothes during specific periods.

Below are some big events to watch out for if you’re a discount hunter:

  • Back-to-school holidays that come with discounted office and classroom supplies. You can pay less for a computer or school uniform during this season.
  • Look out for Black Friday deals that could roll out to Cyber Monday. You can find top deals for kitchen appliances and electronic products.
  • You can get great deals during the festive season if you’re patient enough. You can save on fashion, electronics, phones, and other products.

Tip #2: Compare Prices

Comparing prices is another proven way to get the best deals online. The thing is that different retailers could have varying prices for the same product. It, therefore, pays to do some research. Visit a few online shopping websites before connecting your credit cards and making a purchase.

Remember to include details like coupons and shipping costs when comparing prices. Companies like Target and Best Buy are notorious for offering goods at lower prices during specific hours or periods. You can even receive a partial refund after purchasing the item. Use price comparison tools like Amazon App and Google Shopping to find the best deals quickly.

Tip #3: Shop for Products Off Season

This statement can be contradicting since we have already discussed shopping during major holidays. However, purchasing products “out of season” can positively impact your pocket. Research shows that shopping off-season can save you nearly 50% on some items. PriceSpy, a price comparison site, revealed that customers pay more when shopping during peak seasons.

Take this example: you’ll likely pay more for winter wear during the winter or autumn season. This means you can prepare for these seasons by shopping for the ideal clothing during the summer and vice-versa. Besides the prices being more affordable, these products could have giveaways for the off-season. The reverse psychology for on-season purchases is definitely worth practising.

Tip #4: Consider New or Smaller Websites

Don’t rush to shop on those well-known websites. Instead, consider the smaller or newer yet reliable options. These brands usually price their products more competitively than other renowned websites. That’s because they want to outcompete and outdo more prominent brands.

It’s also worth noting that customer care at these websites is more prompt, straightforward, and personalized. These companies won’t let you wait around after making a warranty claim or asking for a discount. Generally, their services are more aligned with the needs of modern shoppers.

Tip #5: Join Loyalty Programmes

Some online shopping options have loyalty programs. This promotion ensures you get value for every coin spent on a purchase. After adding a product to your cart and making a purchase, you can receive loyalty points. These points can be redeemed when making your next online or offline purchase at the retailer.

This is even more interesting in online gaming. Most casino operators have VIP programs where gamers earn points and redeem them as UK casino bonuses or cash prizes. Even better, collecting more points means getting a higher VIP level with special treatment. You can also get a personalized account manager or a ticket to a vacation destination. Always be part of those loyalty programmes when making online purchases.

Tip #6: Don’t Pay for Delivery

In the highly competitive e-commerce world, paying for delivery is a big mistake. Some online retailers provide free and professional delivery if the purchase meets a certain threshold. If you don’t meet the requirement, search for your product on another brand even if it costs a few more pounds but guarantees free delivery.

Another thing to remember when shopping online is to avoid paying for several deliveries. Ensure that everything you want to purchase is added to the basket before making any payment. There’s nothing more painful than realizing you’ve left something out, meaning you must pay for another delivery.

Tip #7: Abandon Your Basket

Online retailers dislike it when you walk away from the basket without making a purchase. Most of these retailers track their basket abandonment statistics and will try to do everything possible to close a sale and retain you. Some can follow up on the abandoned basket with an email reminder that includes a discount.

However, ensure that you’re a member of the online marketplace for this trick to work. After logging into your account, add the product to your basket and leave it there for a few days. You’ll likely receive an email with a discount enticing you to purchase the product. Abandoning a basket can also protect you from impulse buying.

Tip #8: Rate the Service

If everything goes smoothly and you close a deal, be courteous enough to leave a review. Like with the abandoned cart, most websites will want to know about your experience with them. Leaving an honest rating can make them feel like you’re a reliable and loyal customer. This can also help the website improve its services and offer discounts for subsequent purchases.


From leaving items in your basket to shopping off-season, online shopping at a discount is a trick you should master. The dos and don’ts above can help you get the best possible deals and avoid online scams. Make a conscious effort to use price comparison sites to easily get top deals in your price-hunting mission.