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Not just black and white

  1. Large black and white ‘Stockholm’ cushion, £15.00, Ikea
  2. Rectangular black and white ‘Lappljung Ruta’ cushion cover, £9.00, Ikea
  3. Large linen tie dye cushion, £55.00, Rigby & Mac
  4. Cashmere rib cushion cover, £85.00, The White Company
  5. Yellow cushion, stylists own
  6. Black and white spotty ‘Vilmie Rund’ throw, £20.00, Ikea
  7. Jumbo mustard cup, £7.50, Rigby & Mac

  1. Hammered metal ‘Angenam’ vase, £10.00, Ikea
  2. Mustard glass candle, £3.99, H&M Home Collection
  3. Antique votive, £2.95, The Dulwich trader

  1. Ship ‘Benzy Skepp’ fabric, £7.00 per metre, Ikea
  2. Vintage jelly mould, £15.00, Bottle Green Homes
  3. ‘Iris’ Tea towel, £2.75, Ikea
  4. Plate and tray, for similar try Anthrolopogie or Brissi.

  1. ‘Mildra’ mustard glass, £1.50, Ikea
  2. Linem Linen napkin, £12.00, John lewis
  3. Vintage silver cutlery, try eBay

  1. Vintage jelly mould, £10.00, Bottle Green Homes
  2. Metal chairs, find similar ‘Tolix A56 Armchair’, £255, The Conran Shop
  3. White china, for similar try John Lewis or Brissi
  4. Vintage mustard bowl, for similar try Anthropologie

  1. Jumbo mustard cup, £7.50, Rigby & Mac
  2. Large brown leather journal, £21.00, Bottle green Homes
  3. Black tea spoon, £8.00, John Lewis
  4. Black Tea & Cracked pepper candle, £8.95, Bottle green Homes
  5. Silver box, £7.99, H&M Home Collection
  6. Tall black glass ‘Medveten’ vase, £7.50, Ikea

  1. Headboard fabric ‘River shine charcoal’ by Amy Butler Lark, £13.95 per metre, John Lewis
  2. White ‘Dorchester’ bed linen, from £35.00, Chunky hand knit cushion, £85.00, both from The White Company
  3. Dark grey velvet cushion cover, £9.99, Mustard velvet cushion, £4.99, both H&M Home Collection
  4. Black and white stripe cushion made from ‘Sofia’ fabric, £6.00 per metre, Ikea
  5. Grey knitted ‘Cliveden’ throw, £120, The White Company
  6. Black and white printed throw made from ‘Tradklover’ fabric, £7.00 per metre, Ikea
  7. Cashmere rib throw, £400, The White Company
  8. Small framed iconography print, £18.00, Rigby & Mac
  9. Small white ‘Ovantad’ vase, £2.00, Ikea
  10. Black and white mixed flex cord light fitting, £34.95, Rockett St George
  11. Silver ‘Gnejs’ lamp shade, £8.00, Ikea
  12. Wool, £7.95, John Lewis
  13. Bamboo knitting needles, £5.50, John Lewis
  14. Bedside table, for similar try The Conran shop or Bo Concept

  1. Scissors (with ball of string not shown), £1.95, The Dulwich Trader
  2. Fabric samples from a selection at Osborne & Little
  3. Black and white tissue paper and printed tags, from £1.00, Ikea
  4. Yellow buttons, from 25p, John Lewis
  5. Wooden cotton spools, from £6, Bottle Green Homes



  1. Fabric and wallpaper samples from a selection at Osborne & Little
  2. Large storage jar, £5.99, H&M Home Collection
  3. Vintage kilner jar, from £12.50, Leather note book and London A-Z, from £12.00, all from Bottle Green Homes
  4. Vintage cotton spools, from £6.00 from Etsy shop Bottle Green Homes
  5. Small storage jars, £1.00 Tiger
  6. Number and illustration tags, £1.00, Ikea

  1. Mini check cushion made from ‘Berta Ruta’ fabric, £7.00 per metre, Ikea
  2. Yellow cushion, stylists own
  3. Black/navy linen tie dye cushion, £55.00, Rigby & Mac
  4. White linen cushion cover, £7.99, H&M Home Collection


Photographs copyright Jon Day

Styled by Elkie Brown