Tottenham Court Road Restaurant Guide

Food glorious food, hot something and custard … Yeah I don’t know the words to that song as you can probably tell but luckily I do have a fair bit of knowledge about decent restaurants in central London. 

Today we will be focusing on eateries in and around Tottenham Court Road. The street takes its name from the former manor (estate) of Tottenham Court, whose lands lay toward the north and west of the road, in the parish of St Pancras. So it has nothing to do with the trophy-dodging football team that I unfortunately happen to support. Anyway, let’s dig in, shall we? 

The Top Hat Restaurant & Bar (Monopoly Lifesized) – d 213-215 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 7PN,

The Top Hat Restaurant & Bar takes inspiration from the iconic London Monopoly board. What is unique about this spot is the escape room attached where patrons can play a full game of Monopoly but use their bodies as the pieces. They have 4 different escape rooms on offer which are all different variations of the board game that cause families to fall out with each other at Christmas, but the original classic board is the most popular. 

The menu design is clever as they take inspiration from the property cards that are included in the board game. The food is pretty incredible as well, and reasonably priced. The menu includes popular dishes like burgers, wings, and fish and chips, each with a unique Monopoly twist. Options such as the Cash Cow Burger, served with skin-on fries and trimmings, and vegetarian and vegan offerings like Sweet Victory, featuring Corn Ribs with House Salsa & Coconut Feta, highlight the variety available. These options will set you back about £16 which for central London is a price that certainly won’t leave you bankrupt. 

The restaurant focuses on freshly cooked comfort food and offers delicious desserts as well like Mr. Monopoly’s Millionaire Cheesecake. 

Honest Burgers – 117 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 5AL, United Kingdom

Honest Burgers have become a staple in London, they have now of course branched out to other cities but, they are still arguably Lodons best burger slingers. I have a few that I feel rival them but I will leave that for another time. we are here to give Honest Burgers their well-deserved flowers after all. 

Honest Burgers cater to everyone’s needs and they offer Chicken, Beef and Vegan Options. The Vegan options deserve a special mention, I am not a vegan myself but I have compadres that are of that ilk and they rave about the choices on offer here. 

They do a top-tier smash patty here, but my go-to is the Chilli Burger. This of course is a Chilli burger with Honest beef, bacon, cheddar, Honest hot sauce, smoky shoestring fries, lettuce and pickled jalapenos. They do a range of delicious craft beers as well to wash down all of that burgery goodness. 

Hiba Street Food – 10 Tottenham St, London W1T 4RD, United Kingdom

Located just off Tottenham Court Road near Goodge Street, Hiba Street is a takeaway eatery that also offers seating inside and a few tables outside. Known for its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, the friendly staff, led by owner Ziad, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a standout choice in London. 

The restaurant offers excellent value for money and is considered one of the best dining options in the city by many people and is a great option for halal meat. The menu showcases some banging food, including a mouthwatering mixed grill, all cooked to an incredibly high standard with generous portion sizes.

The history of the premise adds to its charm, dating back to the Perugino cafe-style restaurant from 1945/1946, commemorated by a vintage-feel plaque. The positive atmosphere at Hiba Street makes it a must-do dining destination. The Fattoush salad is a standout dish for me (great after the gym), and the shawarma is perfectly seasoned. Some Shawrmama can be seasoned or too heavily seasoned, and not many places can get the balance just right, but Hiba manages to pull this off. 

There is usually a line here so plan your visit for this one to avoid disappointment. 

Shake Shack Tottenham Court Road – 80 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1HB, United Kingdom

This choice may divide a few people, but my days Shake Shack does a good burger. Yes I know, it is better in America, but that does not stop it from being a standout destination for a munch in central London. The U.K. is not blessed with many Shake Shacks so I always try and seek one out when I visit our nation’s capital. 

My go-to pick here is the Double ShackMeister. A double cheeseburger with crispy ShackMeister Ale-marinated shallots (these are the bomb and make the burger), and ShackSauce on a lightly toasted bun. Add some crinkle-cut fires and wash it down with one of Shake Shack’s signature hand-spun milkshakes and you’re on your way to heaven. 

Bloomsbury Street Kitchen –  9-13 Bloomsbury St, London WC1B 3QD, United Kingdom

If being able to have two types of dishes from different parts of the globe is something that grabs your attention, then Bloomsbury Street Kitchen is something you should grab onto with both hands (metaphorically, of course, don’t grab the building). 

What makes Bloom Street Kitchen Special is they combine Japanese food with a taste of the Mediterranean. They offer a set breakfast here which is a nice choice. The price comes in at £29 which may seem like a lot, but the quality of the food more than holds up to the price point they charge. 

They offer three breakfast options, Bakery, Continental and my personal favorite the Traditional. The Traditional consist of scrambled free-range eggs, unsmoked back bacon, smoked sweetcure streaky bacon, Cumberland sausages, baked beans, grilled mushrooms, hash browns and roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine. When a restaurant gives you two types of bacon on one dish, you know they are doing something magical. 

The A La Carte menu is where this place starts to shine, as this is where you have the choice between the two cuisines on offer. I always tend to lean more towards Asian food, but both offerings should not be overlooked. The lounge bar is also a nice touch and is an elegant space to have a few delicious cocktails with friends before or after your meal. 

RAI Tottenham Court Road – 11, RAI, 13 Bayley St, London WC1B 3HD, United Kingdom

More Japanese to gorge on with this final selection. Make no mistake RAI is probably the most high-end restaurant on this list, but it’s a truly wonderful dining experience. the attention to detail here makes it stand out from most places in London and you can tell the kitchen sets very high standards for its food. The waiting staff match the kitchen staff’s professionalism and delivers quality service. 

Like all fine dining restaurants, RAI makes sure to only select seasonal and high-quality produce, delivering a fine dining experience with superb flavour combinations. The menu served omakase-style, highlights the best of Japanese cuisine alongside unique ingredients from the UK and beyond. Dishes feature premium Japanese ingredients like Hyogo Prefecture Kobe and A5 Kagoshima wagyu beef (this is high-end and possibly the best beef on the planet), Sanpuku nori from the Ariake Sea, Koshihikari rice, and aged soy sauce. These are complemented by traditional British elements such as cave-aged Dorset cheddar, English truffle, and organic British chocolate. If your mouth isn’t watering after reading that then I don’t know what else to tell you. 

I hope you go and try some of these spots, I am sure that if you do you will have plenty to talk about with your friends. That last spot is very Instagrammable as well if that’s your flex.