Luxury Design Tips for a Penthouse Apartment

A penthouse apartment represents the pinnacle of luxury urban living. With breathtaking views and ample space, penthouses provide the perfect canvas for creating a luxurious dream home. When designing the interior of a penthouse, there are certain considerations to keep in mind in order to maximise the glamour and sophistication. Follow these tips to craft a stunning luxury interior for your penthouse apartment.

Define Your Style

The first step in designing any space is to define the overall style and aesthetic. For a glamorous penthouse, consider opting for a contemporary style blended with traditional features and luxe materials. This creates a modern yet timeless look. Some popular luxury interior design styles that work beautifully in penthouses include:

  • Contemporary – Clean lines, neutral colour palettes, large windows, minimalist décor.
  • Modern Glamour – Bold metallic accents, tufted furnishings, mirrored and crystal décor elements.
  • Hollywood Regency – Oversized artwork, velvet upholstery, touches of gold and animal print.
  • Art Deco – Geometric patterns, rich wood accents, ornate moulding and arches.

Once you’ve decided on a style, maintain it throughout the penthouse for a cohesive look. Mixing too many competing aesthetics can look messy rather than luxe. If you’re unsure, it’s worth hiring an interior designer whether for a single room or an entire property.

Maximise Natural Light

One of the key benefits of a penthouse apartment is access to natural light. Take advantage of the unit’s height and large windows by keeping window treatments light and minimal. For the best views, opt for wide picture windows without heavy drapery. Let the sunlight flood the space to create an airy, open atmosphere. Strategically placed mirrors can amplify and diffuse the brightness throughout the interior. Consider installing skylights or sun tunnels to allow light into inner rooms as well.

Create Spacious Zones

Penthouse apartments offer extensive square footage. To take full advantage of the large space, create defined zones for different functions. For example, having a separate seating area for watching TV versus casual lounging makes the space feel bigger. Floating room dividers like screens or bookcases provide separation without cluttering the open layout. Also, consider spatial elements like sunken living rooms or a few steps between zones.

Invest in High-End Materials

The materials you choose define the overall luxury level of the space. Do not skimp in places where quality matters most. Focus your budget on:

  • Flooring – Natural stone, hardwood, or wool carpeting instantly elevates a space. Options like marble, travertine, and black walnut exude sophistication.
  • Furniture – Look for solid wood construction and premium leather or performance fabrics like acrylic or polyester. Tufted and channel upholstery provide plush comfort.
  • Fixtures/hardware – Metals like brass, gold and chrome add visual richness. Seek out quality craftsmanship.
  • Window treatments – Options like motorised shades, blackout curtains, and natural linen elevate functionality.
  • Surfaces – Quartzite and granite countertops or hand-laid tile backsplashes make kitchens and baths shine.

Curate Artwork

An extensive art collection can make a dramatic statement in a penthouse. Work with a consultant to curate museum-worthy pieces to adorn the walls. Seek both large statement pieces for impact and smaller works to add interest at eye level. Original art by renowned artists takes the luxury aesthetic to the next level. Even displaying coffee table books can add cultural flair.

Prioritise Viewpoints

One of the biggest penthouse perks is the view. When arranging furniture and designing the layout, be sure sightlines to the windows are unobstructed. Position your bed, sitting areas and desks to face the best vistas. Keep furnishings low and minimal when they are directly in front of the windows. Adding telescopes or binoculars enhances the experience.

Mind the Details

It’s often small flourishes that take a space from good to great. Elevate your penthouse with luxe details like:

  • Custom window treatments
  • Premium electronics and appliances
  • Built-in shelves and cabinetry
  • Dimmer switches and lighting controls
  • Smart home technology
  • High-end fixtures and hardware
  • Designer decorative accessories

Don’t overlook considered touches that impress guests and give a layered, finished look.

Incorporate Greenery

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating lush greenery throughout the penthouse. Opt for large statement plants like fiddle leaf figs or palm varieties to instantly add life. For lower maintenance, choose succulents displayed in hanging planters or geometric terrariums. Herb gardens can flourish in kitchen windowsills. Create a living wall with mounted vertical planters or install a green wall with automated watering. Not only does greenery enhance aesthetics, it also purifies indoor air for a healthier home.

Invest in Multi-Functional Pieces

For the most efficient use of your space, look for furniture and décor that can serve multiple purposes. Examples include:

  • Ottomans with storage inside
  • Coffee tables with lift-tops to hold remotes/devices
  • Side tables with outlets integrated
  • Sofas with hidden compartments
  • Consoles that convert to dining tables
  • Mirrors that double as art/screens

Multifunctional pieces streamline clutter while still providing style.

Define Distinct Areas

To help the penthouse feel like a spacious single-family home, carve out distinct spaces for key activities. Having a separate library, bar, lounge, TV area, dining room and office nooks maximises usage. Link these spaces with cohesive design to maintain an open floorplan. Unique lighting fixtures, rugs and built-in shelves help define the zones.

Install Top-Notch Kitchen Appliances

For entertaining, the gourmet kitchen should be ultra-luxe. Spruce up your chef’s space with commercial-grade appliances from brands like Wolf, Sub-Zero and Miele. Integrate top-tier appliances into your cabinetry for a seamless look. A refrigerated wine cellar, ice maker, espresso machine and silent dishwasher make everyday life a dream.

Create a Spa Bathroom

After a stressful day, your bathroom should provide a relaxing escape. Invest in the best materials and fittings, such as stone vessel sinks, rain showerheads, and Kohler fixtures. Radiant heated floors, a smart toilet, and towel warmers provide comfort. For a true spa experience, install a sauna, deep soaking tub and private water closet.

Focus on Custom Storage

Maximise every inch by building in storage. Custom cabinetry with integrated shelves and hidden compartments keep clutter out of sight. Walk-in wardrobes with organisers, hanging bars and built-ins provide places for everything. Conceal clutter around bedsides and TVs with discreet storage furniture. Maximise unused areas like under staircases or awkward corners.

Add Layers of Light

Proper lighting is key in a penthouse to create both function and mood. Include layers of illumination:

  • Ambient: Overhead lights for general illumination. Use fixtures like chandeliers and track lighting.
  • Task: Desk lamps, under-cabinet lights and sconces for specific activities.
  • Accent: Picture lights and directional bulbs to highlight art and architectural details.
  • Natural: Skylights and transom windows boost natural light.

Install dimmers for flexibility and use smart bulbs to control scenes.

Design a Private Retreat

Finally, include cosy spaces for rest and rejuvenation. An executive office with a lounge area provides a workplace away from the bedroom. A reading nook with shelving offers a quiet spot to unwind. For the master suite, add premium linens, blackout curtains, and a fireplace for intimate evenings in. The penthouse should feel like a secluded urban oasis.

Designing a luxurious penthouse requires thoughtful planning, high-end materials, and exquisite details. Follow these tips when approaching the interior design of a premium apartment or luxury single room, and you’ll end up with a glamorous space to call home. Work with talented designers and contractors to execute your vision flawlessly. Soon, you’ll be living in the height of refined sophistication.