Is Lichfield A Nice Place To Live?

Lichfield is most known for its renowned three spired medieval cathedral that stands tall in the heart of the city. The city is peaceful and calm with a strong community bond making it a very wholesome place to live. The city is considered a safe place to live and has some convenient travel links to nearby cities too if you do need to commute. Despite all these positives this guide will discover whether Lichfield is a nice place to live or not?

Pros and Cons Of Living In Lichfield

Before you up sticks and move to Lichfield there are some positives and negatives that should be considered first. Moving cities can be a huge decision so doing your research is essential. This guide will highlight some of the key best and worst parts about living in the city you should know before moving there. 

  • While this city is absolutely gorgeous housing prices are considerably high. As there is a rise in demand for housing in the city this has drove the prices significantly higher for properties in this area. Zoopla have announced the average house price in the city is £275,000 which is considered to be one of the more expensive housing markets.  
  • Additionally with the open space it has been reported that fly tipping can be common which unfortunately destroys some of the beautiful landscapes. Plus, despite best efforts to minimise it graffiti is still an issue which also ruins some of Lichfield’s gorgeous buildings.  

5 Reasons Lichfield Is A Nice Place To Live

Local Schools

The city has a good selection of schools for all ages in the local area. There are 10 primary schools with 9 receiving “good” in Ofsted reports and 1 receiving an “outstanding” rating showing not only is there a wide choice but the schools are rated highly in the education system too. There are also 3 high schools that specialise in maths and computing. And for further education Staffordshire University and South Staffordshire College have a campus right here in Lichfield which have also been highly rated by Ofsted too.  Finally, there are a number of nurseries ideal for toddlers and little ones to attend.

Transport Links

Whilst Lichfield is a peaceful city it does have some great transport links to other nearby cities. There are 2 train stations within the city whcih have regular services into Birmingham New Street in under 40 minutes. The city is close to the M5 and M6 Toll making drives to Birmingham, Derby, and Leister extremely easy and if you are going abroad Birmingham International Airport is just a 30 minute drive. there are also often bus services that help you get from a to b around the city.   

These links are perfect when you need to commute for work, visit loved ones, or just escape the bliss of Lichfield.  


Lichfield has considerably low crime rates making it a safe family friendly area that would be the perfect place to relocate and call home. The Neighbourhood Police are always looking for ways to improve the health and safety of the area and are devoted to protecting the people living in within the city. With safety being one of the top priorities when moving to a new area there will be no need to stress about feeling at risk or vulnerable when you are in this relaxed city.  

Places To Eat And Shop 

The city centre is filled with lots of independent and family run businesses including cafes, restaurants, and knick knack stores. some of our favourite spots include Magical Story, Smart Ideas, and Pom’s Kitchen. There are also some bigger chain stores in the city centre including Boots, Ask Italia, and Waterstones. But for those essentials there are 3 big supermarkets nearby including Waitrose, Tesco, and Aldi.  

Historical Roots

As previously mentioned, Lichfield is most known for its stunning three-spired medieval cathedral. The cathedral is the only medieval 3 spired cathedral in the whole of the UK and dates back to over 1000 years ago. With beautiful stained glass and wall paintings the cathedral is truly breathtaking and is certainly a perk of moving to the city. 

Alongside this piece of history there are also 230 historic buildings that have been preserved to this day. These historic buildings make Lichfield stand out from typical modern built up cities that do not have unique ancient characteristics that hold stories from years ago.  

So, all in all we think Lichfield is a fantastic place to live and should definitely be considered if you are looking to relocate.