How to Show Your Care from Afar

Staying connected with your loved ones in this era of constant travelling and emigration can be challenging, but it is worth every stress. Whether it is a lover you leave behind when you travel or parents, children, and even other relatives, you shouldn’t make them feel your absence. 

Fortunately, the same development that has led to most physical distances also has solutions for mitigating their effects. From virtual meetings to online booking of small flower bouquet delivery for your loved ones, there are options to stay connected. So, physical distances can get smaller if you learn to manage them.

This article explores some smart ways to show your loved ones that you care about them, despite that you are away. Let’s delve right into it.

  • Communicate Regularly

Constant communication is essential to show your loved ones that you still care despite the physical distance. Communication fosters emotional attachments and prevents loneliness. It also strengthens your bond and can lessen the gap created by the physical distance. Therefore, be intentional about constant communication with the loved ones you have miles away. 

Use video calls to reduce the physical strains by ensuring you see each other’s faces often. Send a text informing them of random occurrences in your daily life and inquiring about theirs. Do not forget to make ‘good mornings’ and ‘good night’ messages a habit. 

  • Put a Twist to the Communication

You can make things more interesting by adding twists to your communications with your partner. Consider keeping a photo and video diary with your partner to share the details of your daily lives. 

For instance, you can create one on a Google folder you can both access. Upload pictures of your daily lives, what you wear to work, meals, and other exciting moments for your partner to see. This can also serve as a future reference to keep reminding yourselves of the connection you share. 

Go outside the norms and send handwritten letters to your loved ones often. A handwritten letter will be special and heartfelt in a world dominated by digital communication. It is also a way to awaken nostalgic feelings in your loved ones. Adding your perfume scent, a keepsake, or a postcard to the letter can further drive home the feelings. 

  • Celebrate Special Days

Make special days special for your loved ones when you are away. Plan nice things for birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays that can make them feel special. For instance, waking up to a surprise flower delivery after a successful presentation at work will brighten your loved one’s day and reassure them of your commitment. 

You can order a flower online and deliver it to them even without being present. Cities like Dubai have floral services with sophisticated setups that allow you to order online, pay virtually, and track your delivery. 

  • Surprise Your Lover Occasionally

Surprises are great ways to make your loved ones feel cherished and deepen their feelings for them. Therefore, you should take them more seriously in long-distance relationships. Something as simple as an unexpected text message, email, or even voice notes can improve your relationship with your loved ones. You can also send surprise care packages to your loved ones when they least expect it.

  • Create Shared Experiences

People find it challenging to create shared experiences with loved ones who are far away. However, this is a major way to deepen your connection with them. Think of things that can be your shared memory and plan it out.

You can consider simpler things like reading the same books or watching the same movies and discussing them. Online games are also other ways to create shared experiences, as you can play against each other or collaborate virtually on these games. 


Maintaining a connection with a loved one when there is a distance between you can be tasking. However, you must do your best to keep the lights glowing to strengthen relationships and prevent strains. 

Flowers are the simplest form of communication in long-distance relationships. They are beautiful and meaningful and evoke emotional responses. Thankfully, you can get a floral service in Dubai to help you choose the best flower arrangement for your loved ones, even when you are not there.