How to maximise space in a small bedroom

Small bedrooms offer plenty of space for big ideas.

With your own style and creative vision, there’s no reason why a small bedroom should have to mean feeling cramped or overcrowded. If you’re ready to fulfil your bedroom’s potential, no matter its size, keep reading and follow our top five tips for making the most of your space.

Top 5 tips for maximising space in a small bedroom

  1. Create optical illusions

Using mirrors to your advantage can effortlessly create the illusion of more space.

Mirrors bounce natural light around the room at different and unexpected angles, often making the space appear bigger and more open. If you’ve got high ceilings on one side, installing larger mirrors or completely covering it with mirrors could help you to match your interior style. Or, you could play around with décor and ornaments that feature mirrors, like playful disco balls.

  • Use smart storage solutions

It’s worth making use of all the space you have – and, in a small bedroom, transforming ‘dead space’ into something with a practical purpose. Whether you collect shoes or need more space for hobby equipment, custom storage could help you tailor your bedroom to a tee.

In bedrooms with very little floor area, over bed storage gives you handy extra space while leaving more room for activities and key design features too. Utilising vertical space is one of the savviest ways to not only make your room feel bigger but give it more functionality too.

  • Maximise natural light

It’s important maximise the natural light coming in. Even if you like the idea of cosy curtains through winter, it’s important to keep the textiles and materials to a minimum. These can obstruct the light as it filters in through the window, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Instead, choose blinds or sheer curtains that can be completely pulled to one side. Your aim should be to let sunlight flood in and fill the room completely, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You should also choose bedroom colours carefully, as they can help to emphasise the natural light as it fills the room.

  • Embrace minimalism

Minimalism and cutting back on clutter can help you to maximise space in a small bedroom.

Try to choose neutral colours and soft, natural fibres like jute, cotton, or wool. Make sure to clear away any clutter too, since keeping the space clear and tidy makes it feel more spacious and welcoming. Studies suggest that clutter causes stress, so it’s worth tidying to feel calm and relaxed in your bedroom too.

Minimalism can extend to your lifestyle in many ways if you do it right: when you’re selective about your clothes and belongings, you free up more space at home.

  • Consider the layout

Finally, it’s worth thinking about the way you organise your furniture.

Since the bed is nearly always the biggest piece of furniture in the room, you need to be strategic with its placement. Try to optimise floor space and natural light simultaneously, keeping your bedroom looking as bright and as clear as you possibly can. Get creative and shuffle things around – a fresh perspective could make the whole space feel bigger!