How to make the most out of your summer road trip

Whether you’re organising a weekend escape or a cross-country adventure, hitting the road during summer gives you the freedom to explore. With ultimate flexibility to discover new places and admire breathtaking scenery on four wheels, it’s one of the easiest ways to make lasting memories.

Before you set off, it’s worth knowing a few top tips to help you prepare for success.

Getting ready for your road trip: Our top 3 tips

  1. Plan an itinerary

Knowing where you’re headed helps to ensure a smooth and stress-free trip. So, it’s worth planning before your departure date and researching the locations you have in mind.

Think about the most scenic roads to take, adding any stopovers or attractions along the way to keep the journey interesting. You could use GPS navigation devices or download one of the best mobile sat-nav applications instead.

If you’re going to be on the road for hours, you’ll need to break up the journey with rest stops anyway – so it’s worth making sure that these are enjoyable too. Don’t just choose motorway service stations: try to be creative and plan opportunities for a brisk walk or a cup of coffee in a nearby town.

  • Prepare your vehicle

Before you start the trip, it’s worth making time for your car’s maintenance.

Start the ignition at home and do some basic checks. Make sure that all the lights are working when they’re switched on, that your brakes are working properly, your tyres are inflated and holding pressure, and that your fluids are all topped up. Switching to a high-quality set of Bridgestone tyres could get you better mileage and performance too.

It’s worth prepping an emergency roadside bag that contains all the essentials including a torch, jump leads, tyre gauge, foot pump, and other basic tools. A first-aid kit could be useful for those little accidents on the move too.

  • Pack efficiently

Packing smart means you’ll only take what you need – and nothing more!

Write a list to get started. Make sure you don’t overlook anything essential like water, insect repellent, toiletries, and any daily medications you need to take. As for clothing, try to pack appropriately for the season without overlooking possible changes in the weather forecast. Even during summer, it’s worth taking a good waterproof jacket with you.

Use lightweight and conveniently sized travel bags to make packing a breeze. We prefer soft-sided suitcases, spacious enough to fit a week’s worth of luggage without feeling too bulky or difficult to handle.

Embracing spontaneity on the road

Finally, even though careful planning and preparation is an important part of any trip, it’s critical that you allow space for unforeseen diversions. It takes some creativity, but knowing how to improvise a fun and stress-free plan for your travel companions could save a day on the road.

When you least expect them to, journeys on the road might provide some of the most unforgettable moments of a lifetime.