How to choose art prints that transform your home

Selecting the perfect art prints can significantly alter your home’s interior aesthetic. Prints do more than decorate; they convey your personality and style, influencing the atmosphere of each room. Whether aiming for tranquillity in the bedroom or vibrancy in the living room, your choice in prints plays a pivotal role.

It’s crucial to pick prints that not only reflect your taste but also complement your home’s design theme. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist approach or a cozy, bohemian ambiance, your prints should support and enhance your aesthetic vision.

The color of your prints is also vital. Bright, lively colors can inject energy, while soft, subdued shades can establish a peaceful environment. Consider how a print’s colors will blend with your existing palette. Will they create a harmonious look or a striking contrast?

Art and mood setting

Art prints can evoke various emotions and influence a room’s ambiance. A peaceful landscape can bring calm to a bedroom, encouraging rest, while an abstract piece can make a living room feel lively and stimulate conversation.

Think about the atmosphere you wish to create in different rooms. In a home office, prints that foster creativity and concentration, like motivational quotes or abstract art, might be ideal. For a dining area, choose prints that encourage appetite and dialogue, such as colorful still life or wine-themed art.

The print’s style also affects the mood. A vintage botanical print can add sophistication, whereas a bold, graphic print might lend a modern edge.

Selecting prints that create the desired feel can make each room in your home a distinct and welcoming space that mirrors your personality.

Choosing the proper frame

The right frame can enhance your print and integrate it into your decor. When selecting a frame, consider the style, color, and material that will best complement both the artwork and your interior design.

For a modern space, a simple metal frame might be ideal, while a rustic wood frame could suit a bohemian room better. Custom frames are worth considering for unique or odd-sized prints, ensuring a perfect fit and a frame that highlights the art. Local and online framing services offer various options to match any style and budget.

The frame should accentuate the print without overshadowing it. A simple frame allows a bold print to stand out, whereas an ornate frame can add interest to a simpler piece.

Lighting and art placement

Correct lighting and placement are key to displaying your art prints effectively. Proper lighting can accentuate a print’s colors and details, and strategic placement can create a focal point in a room.

  • Consider the print type when choosing lighting. Photographic prints and those with fine details or vibrant colors might need focused lighting, while textured or matte prints could look better under softer light.
  • Generally, hang prints at eye level, about 57 inches from the floor, though this can vary based on print size and room layout.
  • For prints above furniture, maintain a 4-8 inch gap between the furniture top and the frame’s bottom for visual balance.

Creating a gallery wall can showcase multiple prints, adding interest to a large wall. Try different arrangements to see what best suits your space.