Dinner Party Themes To Impress Your Friends

With everyone feeling the pinch a lot more recently, having your friends over and hosting a dinner party has become a popular option for socialising on a Friday night – and while dinner parties are fun on their own, they’re even more fun with a theme! You might think that having a themed dinner party makes everything a lot more complicated, but planning becomes a whole lot simpler. Food, decorations and even themed cocktails; when you have a theme it’s a lot easier to decide exactly what to cook up for your nearest and dearest. 

If you’re hosting a dinner party with your friends soon, consider some of these unique dinner party themes that will make your evening one to remember! 

Casino Night

One of the most popular dinner party themes is a casino night. Homeowners have enjoyed putting on casino-themed parties for decades, largely due to the open-endedness of the theme; you can make your dinner party blackjack, poker or roulette-themed, or even incorporate a bit of 007 by making your night a Casino Royale evening! We encourage you to go completely all out with decor and food options and serve up traditional casino fare entrees like shrimp cocktail and ribeye steak. You could even bake some playing card cookies for dessert… While BonusFinder UK has some good casino games worth using in your theme, we always recommend going with a gambling theme that all your guests will feel most comfortable with – if that’s an Alice in Wonderland playing card theme, that’s also okay!


If you’re throwing your dinner party in the winter, soupapalooza is always a crowd-pleaser. Even if you’re not known for your skills in the kitchen, knocking up a tasty soup isn’t that difficult. Alternatively, you could ask everyone to bring their favourite soup or stew – and serve it up potluck style. By setting up a soup bar with all the choices, everyone can take a bit of each. Hosting tips wise, a soupapalooza evening looks best when you add lots of candles to set the mood. Talk about a cosy evening! To make your dinner a little more filling, why not pick up some loaves of crusty bread, some yummy salads and maybe even pudding?

Breakfast For Dinner

Move over Brunch, there’s a new dinner party theme in town: Breakfast For Dinner. No doubt your guests will absolutely love this quirky theme where you can serve your favourite breakfast foods up for teatime like pancakes, waffles and everyone’s favourite – avocado on sourdough toast! This theme works even better when you also invite everyone to bring their favourite breakfast toppings and fresh juices, not to mention helps keep the costs down. If you really wanted a wild morning in the evening, you could also turn that OJ into a mimosa…

Sushi Night

For hosts keen on an interactive dinner party, look no further than sushi night. While you’ll likely need to provide all the equipment to actually roll the rolls like bamboo rolling mats, sushi rice and Nori seaweed sheets, you can request that guests bring their fillings of choice to add inside – smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber are all great starting points. After you’ve nailed down the menu, you can decorate the table with traditional decor from Japan and tiny bowls for dipping soy sauce. The last port of call? Creating a playlist with serene and immersive Japanese music straight from the sushi houses overseas!

Retro Diner Party

If you’re inviting friends over to your home that you’ve known for as long as you can remember, a retro diner party theme will really hit the bullseye. Not only can you reminisce over your friendships across the years, but you can turn back in time and remember what life was like back before the internet! Even if your birth years don’t stretch back to the 1950s, no retro diner party is complete without hotdogs, hamburgers, checkered tablecloths and milkshakes! To really bring this theme to life, why not rent a candyfloss machine or jukebox to blast some of your favourite retro tunes until the early morning?