Campervan Kitchen Storage Ideas

Embarking on a journey in a campervan is an adventure filled with the promise of freedom, exploration, and unique experiences.

During my time on the open road, I’ve discovered that while the destination is always thrilling, the journey needs to be equally comfortable. Among the many aspects that contribute to this comfort, one that stands out and often goes underestimated is the efficiency of the kitchen storage in the campervan.

The campervan kitchen is the heart of your mobile home. It’s where meals are prepared, coffee is brewed to kickstart your day, and stories are shared over dinners.

But without proper storage, this social hub can quickly become a cluttered and frustrating space. The limited quarters of a campervan demand creative solutions to keep everything organized and accessible without eating into the precious living space.

So, in this comprehensive guide, I’ll explore the best campervan kitchen storage ideas from firsthand experiences on the road and dive into top storage ideas that maximize space, ensure accessibility, and enhance travel comfort. Your journey to an organized campervan kitchen starts here!

Things to Look Out for When Looking for Campervan Kitchen Storage

Space Efficiency

Having traveled in my campervan for months, I learned quickly that space efficiency is paramount. In a compact environment, every inch counts. Look for multi-functional items that can be stored away easily. Collapsible kitchenware is a lifesaver.

Weight Considerations

Balancing the weight is vital for both safety and fuel efficiency. Storing heavy items low and towards the center helps maintain a proper balance. I’ve learned this the hard way.


Accessibility is crucial when on the road. On my trip across the Rockies, I realized that having essentials within arm’s reach helped immensely, especially when cooking a meal after a long day’s drive.


Sturdy storage solutions are a must because things can shift around while driving. I remember when a poorly secured cabinet opened, causing a mess. Opt for storage that locks or latches shut.

Pros and Cons of Campervan Kitchen Storage


  • Organization: With proper storage, everything has a place, making cooking and cleaning easier. It reminded me of my tiny apartment’s kitchen.
  • Maximizing Space: Smart storage solutions help to create more living space. I was surprised at how much room I had once I found the right storage.
  • Personalization: Storage can be customized to suit individual needs. I tailored mine to suit my love for coffee and local cuisines.


  • Cost: High-end storage solutions can be pricey. It took me some time to find options that fit my budget.
  • Installation: Installation might require some technical skills. I had a friend who helped me with this part; otherwise, it would have been tough.
  • Potential Wasted Space: Improper planning can lead to unused spaces. Measuring twice and cutting once is a rule that served me well here.

Top Campervan Kitchen Storage Ideas

Pull-Out Pantries

Pull-out pantries are a godsend in the limited space of a campervan kitchen. By utilizing narrow spaces that would otherwise go unused, they offer a sleek and efficient solution. While traveling through the narrow roads of the Pacific Northwest, I realized the importance of maximizing every nook and cranny.


  • Space Efficiency: The slim design fits into small spaces, which was key for me as my campervan wasn’t massive.
  • Accessibility: The pull-out mechanism allows easy access to everything, a particularly useful feature when hurrying to cook.
  • Customizable: They can be tailored to fit specific items, such as cans, boxes, or jars, allowing me to organize my food however I want.

Magnetic Spice Racks

Magnetic spice racks are more than just a space-saving solution; they add character and color to the kitchen area. When I started using them in my campervan, I was delighted with how they turned a mundane necessity into an attractive feature.

The magnetic base sticks to any metal surface, allowing for flexibility in placement, and it’s strong enough to hold the spice containers securely while driving. I often played with different arrangements to suit my cooking needs and aesthetic preferences.


  • Space-saving: I found they saved a lot of valuable shelf space by attaching it to walls or other metal surfaces.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With colorful spices on display, it added a decorative touch to my kitchen.
  • Quick Access: I loved how easy it was to grab and return spice containers, especially when I was in the middle of cooking.

Collapsible Containers

Collapsible containers are an innovation that significantly impacted my campervan living experience. These containers are designed to be compressed, taking up minimal space when not in use. I often had a limited fridge and cabinet space, so being able to collapse these containers when empty was incredibly handy.

They are also versatile and can be used for various food types. I once used them to store leftovers from a big outdoor barbecue, and they performed admirably, keeping the food fresh without consuming too much space.


  • Volume Variability: I found these great as they could expand to accommodate more or collapse to save space.
  • Lightweight: Being light, they didn’t add much weight, which is crucial for my campervan’s overall load.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe: Many models I used could be microwaved and washed in the dishwasher, providing added convenience.

Utilizing Doors and Ceilings

Using doors and ceilings for storage was an idea I stumbled upon during a renovation of my campervan. I transformed these often-ignored spaces into functional storage areas by installing hooks and racks.

The doors became homes for utensils, and the ceiling held pots and pans. This approach cleared up much-needed drawer and cabinet space, and everything was still within easy reach. I also found it added a rustic charm to my tiny mobile home.


  • Additional Space: I could free up cabinet and drawer space for other items by using the doors and ceilings for storage.
  • Versatility: Hooks can hold a wide variety of items. I used them for pots, pans, utensils, and even decorative items.
  • Ease of Access: Having frequently used items hanging close by was a big help during meal preparation.

Under-the-Sink Storage

The area under the sink is typically wasted space, but with some clever containers or pull-out drawers, it became one of my favorite storage areas.

I utilized it mainly for cleaning supplies, keeping them separate from food items. This extra storage was invaluable during a trip to the desert, where space was at a premium. It’s a subtle yet efficient way to maximize storage without crowding the living area.


  • Use of Wasted Space: This area is often neglected, but I turned it into valuable storage space with proper organization.
  • Perfect for Cleaning Supplies: I stored cleaning products here, keeping them away from food and utensils.
  • Easy to Install: I used most of the under-the-sink solutions were simple to put together, and no carpentry skills were required.

Campervan Kitchen Storage Ideas: FAQs

How do I prevent items from shifting while driving?

Securing items properly is crucial. I suggest using non-slip liners, bungee cords, and latched containers to avoid surprises on the road.

What if my campervan kitchen is too small for proper storage?

Using multi-functional tools and prioritizing essentials will help you optimize the available space.

Can I build my campervan kitchen storage?

Absolutely! With some creativity and basic tools, it’s possible to tailor your campervan kitchen to your specific needs.