Best Plants For Hanging Baskets In The Shade

We love gardening and spending time outside. However, we have a limited amount of outdoor space! Hanging baskets are a perfect way to add pizzazz to an outdoor area, even in the shade, whilst not taking up vital space. Here is a selection of the best plants for hanging baskets in the shade.

A considerable benefit of a hanging basket is that it can be hung in the shade. They will add colour and life to your garden whilst being protected from the harsh sun, wind, and weather. We’ve all seen those once-beautiful baskets that have been overexposed to the elements and are now wilted and faded. With shade, hanging baskets can retain moisture and stay colourful for longer. Here is a selection of the best plants for hanging baskets in the shade.

Can hanging baskets thrive in the shade?

Yes! Hanging baskets can thrive in the shade because they require less water and are protected from direct sunlight that can scorch the plant’s delicate foliage. Shaded areas can also offer protection from harsh winds and weather that damage the plants.

Plants that love the shade often require excellent drainage, making them vulnerable to root rot, fungi, and mildew when planted in poor-draining soils. Elevating them in hanging baskets can ensure they get the air circulation and drainage they need to flourish.

5 of the best plants and flowers for hanging baskets in the shade

While shade-loving plants may present challenges, the unique leaf shapes, colours, and vibrant, almost iridescent flowers make them worthwhile.

Fuchsia is one of the best flowers to use in hanging baskets in the shade.

1.    Fuchsia

Tom Thumb Fuchsia is a popular choice for those looking for a plant that is both visually stunning and easy to care for. Its prolific, tear-drop shaped flowers in vibrant fuchsia pink and purple will stand out in any hanging basket or garden. This compact weeping shrub blooms from late spring to frost. Whether used as a stand-alone focal point or combined with other shade-loving plants, Tom Thumb Fuchsia is a versatile and reliable choice. Just be sure to keep it in moist, warm conditions protected from wind in shade or dappled sunlight, as fuchsias do not like being dried out or exposed to direct, hot sunlight.

Begonia grows well in shaded hanging baskets

2.    Begonia

This stunning white flowering plant is sure to brighten up any shady spot in your garden. With clusters of large, fragrant flowers that bloom from July until the first frost, it’s a real showstopper. The blossoms hang above deep green, waxy leaves, creating a beautiful contrast. Although not frost hardy, it’s easy to lift and store the bulbs for replanting the following year. To care for this plant, use rich, high-quality potting soil and moisten it. Protect it from the hot sun and wind to keep it looking its best.

Impatiens come in so many colours and thrive in shaded hanging baskets

3.    Impatiens 

These plants are truly remarkable regarding their impressive range of colours. The vibrant flowers will surely catch anyone’s eye, from soft pinks, bold reds, and even bicolour options. Perfect for eye-catching hanging baskets! Plus, their compact size and glossy green foliage make them a stunning addition to any garden. Even better, these plants are continuous bloomers, ensuring a bright show from June to frost. While they are considered tender perennial, caring for them is generally low maintenance. To encourage bushier plants with even more flowers, cut back young plants and ensure they have nutrient-rich soil that remains consistently moist.

Trailing Bacopa

4.    Trailing Bacopa

This plant is truly unique with its overflowing trailing habit. It’s the perfect complement to any hanging basket, as its giant white blooms start in spring and keep coming. The blue/green foliage serves as a beautiful backdrop for the blooms. As for care, this plant loves extra nutrition because of its vigorous nature and long, prolific bloom time. You don’t need to worry about deadheading, but trimming damaged stems is always good.

Lobelia is one of the best plants for hanging baskets in the shade

5.    Lobelia 

Not only does it bloom prolifically from April through June, but it also produces more blooms in the autumn. This compact annual is an excellent companion plant in the hanging basket and can fill in space while other summer and fall-performing plants grow to their full size. To care for this plant, ensure it has rich, moist, organic soils. If you want an extra fall bloom, cut back the plant after its spring show.

At first, finding shade-loving plants that can thrive in hanging baskets may seem challenging. However, the whole process of planning, planting, and maintaining hanging baskets can be a fulfilling experience. You can create even more beautiful outdoor spaces by discovering the fantastic options and learning the special tricks for helping shade plants flourish in hanging baskets.