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Controlling the Natural Light in a Room

A fundamental part of good interior design is knowing how to use light to your advantage: drawing attention to some parts of a room, allowing others to fade into the background and creating a mood that complements the function of the space.

The first thing to consider is natural light – specifically what kind and how much a given room gets. For instance, south-facing rooms get lots of warm sunlight, which is why they are so popular with decorators! Conversely, north-facing rooms get almost no direct sunlight, making it all the more important to make clever use of artificial lighting.

However, you will sometimes need to control the amount of light coming through the windows, and this is where things like curtains and blinds can be used to great effect. Wooden venetian blinds break the incoming sunlight into smaller pieces, reducing glare while still giving an attractive, even rustic effect. Curtains and blackout blinds can block out the incoming light completely, which may be useful if the room is a work or sleeping space.

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  1. Controlling the Natural Light in a Room: A fundamental part of good interior design is knowing how to use light …

  2. NEW blog post: Controlling the Natural Light in a Room #dbcollective

  3. Controlling the Natural Light in a Room

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