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cashmere sweater Johnstons of Elgin

Buy to Last : Cashmere

By | 8 December 2011

I’ve been travelling rather a lot with my day job of late, and one thing I never leave home without is a favourite Pringle cashmere v-neck sweater. Nothing particularly noteworthy […]

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Louis Vuitton Trunk 1915 Image Christies

Buy to Last: Louis Vuitton Trunk

By | 10 November 2011

I worked with a wedding photographer last year who was wearing the most fantastic suit. Dark blue with a very feint grey windowpane overcheck, it was among the most elegant […]

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Clifton nurseries for Heart Home

A visit to Clifton Nurseries

By | 6 June 2011

Living in the city doesn’t always make it easy or convenient to make time for the softening and optimistic presence of nature. The urban landscape can feel so impersonal and […]

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