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An Interview With Maryam Montague

When did you first move to Marrakesh?
I moved to Marrakesh six years ago.

What was it that made you fall in love with Marrakesh?
Its gorgeous madness.  It’s a place that is literally a whirlwind of colour, sound, and taste, with a snake charmer or two thrown in there for good measure.

What fascinates you about Moroccan design? 
I love that Morocco has such an iconic design culture with features that are so instantly recognizable.  An arched door, a mosaic tiled table, a Moroccan lantern — you know it’s Moroccan when you see it!

What design/styling tip would you give to someone trying to incorporate Moroccan design into their interiors? 
I would advise people to start slowly by adding a few carefully chosen pieces to their interiors.  For example, a Moroccan sequinned wedding blanket at the foot of a bed is a powerful dose of glamour.  A creamy high pile Moroccan carpet on the floor of a living room adds such texture and cosiness.  A leather pouf in an apartment is multi-functional powerhouse.  A row of plants in pots painted Majorelle blue on a windowsill is a daily reminder  of a far-away place

Tell me a little bit about your book?
My book is a love letter to Moroccan design.  In the first section of the book I talk about the ABCs of Moroccan design:  Moroccan architecture, decorative features, colour and pattern.  In the second section I discuss how to add Moroccan flair to every room in the house.  In the book’s last section I talk about all the very best Moroccan things to buy and where to buy them, no matter where you are.

Describe your style?
I would describe my style as modern global glamour.  I love things that are made by hand, unique and worldly.  I also adore things that are intriguing and curious like talismans and African games.   Beauty with a strange past is my favourite combination!

Where do your inspirations come from?
Many of my inspirations come from wandering the souks of Marrakesh.  Stocked to overflowing, I always find something beautiful to take home with me – embroidered textiles, jade green pottery, or an amazing lantern.

What has been your favourite aspect of putting the book together? 
I really loved spending time with the home-owners whose houses are included in my book.  Many people who choose to live in Marrakesh are a pretty creative lot – designers, writers and foodies.  I adored seeing their collections and hearing their stories.

Photography – excerpted from Marrakesh by Design by Maryam Montague (Artisan Books).

Author bio

Arianna Trapani is Editor-in-chief for Heart Home. She is an Interior decorator and Stylist with an extreme passion for interiors. Having studied art at a young age and worked for some very well known Interior designers there is no hiding her passion for design. She authors the award-winning blog Arianna Interiors and can be found on Twitter at @Arianna_trapani. Read more posts by .

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Comments (7)

  1. NEW blog post: An Interview With Maryam Montague #dbcollective

  2. NEW blog post: An Interview With Maryam Montague #dbcollective

  3. So enjoy this article on Maryam Montague aka @MyMarrakesh…. via @hearthomemag

  4. TY“@ShelleyCHolmes: So enjoy this article on Maryam Montague aka @MyMarrakesh…. via @hearthomemag”

  5. So enjoy this article on Maryam Montague aka @MyMarrakesh…. via @hearthomemag

  6. So enjoy this article on Maryam Montague aka @MyMarrakesh…. via @hearthomemag

  7. Great interview!

    I haven’t seen the book yet but saw pictures of M’s place in Living etc… how fab! x

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